5 Reasons Why Life is Good Right Now

Because sometimes you just need to look at the positives in life. Right?


#1 Running adventures. I’ve already managed a few races this month, and honestly this year has been great. I’ve travelled to different areas and managed to take in totally different scenes through each race. I’ve also explored new places on my training runs, and managed to squeeze them in between regular ‘errands’ if you like. Running to and from work to get the miles in and stuff.

#2 Finding new books. I’ve kind of fallen out with reading this year. I mean, I don’t think I’ve even hit 10 this year and last year I hit 32. And even that was low for me, with 2015 hitting 63 read! Anyway, I’ve found some new books and I’m making myself put the phone down a little earlier at night to read before sleeping. It’s good.

#3 All the good (and trashy) tv is back on, or will be back on soon. Like Bake Off, X Factor, I’m a Celeb, The Apprentice… The run up to Christmas definitely brings some of the best tv. Yep, I just mentioned the C word. I’ve also caught up on Strike (loved it!) and I’m going to catch up on the first season of Doctor Foster because I know that’s back and well, everyone keeps going on about it. Basically, dark nights in are made for this kind of tv.

#4 Cosy weather time. Okay so I absolutely hate the cold. Hate it. I can be in 30 degree weather but that slight cold breeze will have me covered in goosebumps. The one good thing about Autumn/Winter coming (besides Christmas – sorry, mentioned it again) is that the big jumpers, thick socks and woolly hats can come back out. Oh and hot chocolates. Hot chocolate solves most things. I do love being all snuggled up. I mean it does mean mornings are harder but hey… cosy.

#5 The Script’s new album. I love it. I’m sure I’ll get bored of it constantly looping in my car, but as of now I am still enjoying every bit. Anyone else do this? I need to create a proper playlist because I basically just switch between the radio and whatever CD is in my car… But yeah. This album, best they’ve done I think as a whole album. Some of their earlier songs are still absolute favourites but these new ones are great. And I get to see them live again next year – two days before my birthday!

What are your 5 reasons?


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