17 Goals for 2017

Happy New Year! Yes okay, it’s the 4th of the month now but hey, never too late to start goals right? Last year I hit some pretty big goals – I passed my driving test, bought a car, got a job in media. What will 2017 bring eh?


Some people hate setting goals. They hate the pressure that comes with a specific figure or thing. I am not one of those people. Having goals gives me something to aim for, something to work towards. It makes me think about what I really want for myself.

What do I want to achieve this year? Is there anything that I need to set into motion early on to get it done? One look at my planning section is enough to tell you how much I like to organise things! And whilst we’re in 2017 I figured why not make it 17 goals. I actually really dislike odd numbers (yay for being 24 this year!) so to have 17 goals kind of messes with my mind a little but we’re sticking to it. Just because.

When I wrote them down I did it randomly, but I can definitely separate the goals into life, travel and fitness. You’ll notice a bit of a theme with all these goals – I think they fit together quite nicely. Of course, no goal is complete without an action plan. I’ll probably do another update soon enough with what I’m doing to achieve my goals. There will definitely be one on fitness!


If you can’t read my untidy scrawl, here’s a proper list of all my goals:

#1 Save a portion of my wage each month
#2 Run 1000km in the year
#3 Travel to two (or more!) different countries
#4 To be earning extra income from blogging
#5 Complete a Half-Marathon under 2h30
#6 Complete a 10k Race under 60 minutes
#7 Practise yoga at least once a week
#8 Take an online course
#9 Try a new sport
#10 Visit the Lake District
#11 Complete a 52 weeks photography project
#12 Read 52 books
#13 Hike in a few different places
#14 Get back into learning Spanish
#15 Watch all the marvel films
#16 Get a piece of writing published
#17 To be happy in my job

Life Plans

Yesterday I set up a savings account, finally. There will be a specified portion of my wage going into that account every month, with any extra I can spare also going in. It’s time to really get some money behind myself, and well, if I want to go travelling I need that money! Number 4 also fits well with this – earning money from this blog. This year feels like the time to start properly putting more quality effort into the blog, and doing more of what I enjoy. Which also makes sense for the taking an online course goal. Thinking something writing related for this one!

Getting back into photography is a big goal. I’ve barely touched my camera since leaving university besides for blog photos, and that doesn’t count. I’ve completed a 365 and a 52 Week challenge before, and they were tough but made me think more creatively. I want that again. Doing a 365 right now would be setting myself up for failure, so 52 weeks it is. Will be posting a new photo every Sunday – not sure whether I’ll do it on the blog or just stick to Flickr/500px.

Then I’ve got reading 52 books (lower than last years goal because last year my reading was AWFUL!), get back into learning Spanish (managed to keep this up for two months I think last year?), watching all the Marvel films (because I’ve seen like 3), get a piece of writing published (anything) and to just be happy in my job.


A few travel goals on the list this year. I’m definitely travelling to one different country this year (I’ll be going away on a hen party in August!) so I’ve set the goal of two or more because I’d really like to visit somewhere else too. Now that I can drive I also really want to visit more places. The Lake District is high on the list (I miss it!) and I’d also like to go hiking in a few random places. Not sure where yet!


A lot of people set a goal to hit 1000 miles in the year. As I’m training using kilometers, I thought I’d try the slightly easier goal of 1000km. That’s still a lot mind. I think it works out to be 2.7km a day. Obviously I’m not going to be running every day, but you know, it adds up. I’ll also be running a half-marathon and 10k race for sure, as they’re already booked in. The times I’ve set are just what I want to aim for.

Practising yoga is something I really want to keep up this year. For the past three I’ve completed the Yoga With Adriene 30 day challenge and then given it up for the rest of the year, but I know yoga will help me with my running/strength and with general well being. I’d also like to try a new sport because you know, that’s always fun.

It’s 2017 and changes are coming. I’m feeling optimistic for this year!


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