Half-Marathon Training – What’s To Come!

Yep, I’m doing a Half-Marathon this year. Am I mad? Only a little… Why? Because I love a good challenge. I’ve had many people tell me that the half is their favourite distance so I’m hoping I feel the same!


I recently did a poll on twitter asking if I should create a separate blog just for my running/fitness updates and well, the results were surprising to say the least. I’d always thought that my fitness posts weren’t too popular…

I know it’s half and half but I figured you know, this blog is about my life and my fitness is a huge part of it so for now the updates will be on here. Fear not, if running doesn’t interest you then I won’t be doing a weekly update. It’s more for things that stand out in my training, things I’m struggling with or things that are helping me.

I will probably still end up writing weekly running-related posts but they’ll be more varied and not just updates! I’ve got all the fun of running for a continuous 2 hours, trying new kit, testing run-safe foods and braving the cold weather to come!

Starting The Long Runs

Yesterday I did my first ‘long run’ of my training plan. The plan I’m doing is working with time, rather than mileage, and I think this is the best way to go really. This long run called for 50 minutes, and whilst that isn’t long to some, I know it sounds like a marathon to others. For me, I know I can run this long – I have done so many times before – but it was the first time I had in a good few weeks.

Overall the run felt really good. I started strong, had a little wobble at 25 minutes with pins and needles but then finished the next 25 minutes strong too. My breathing felt absolutely fine though and I actually finished feeling really optimistic about this upcoming half.

I am fully expecting this half to take me over two hours so I’ve obviously still got a way to go with these long runs. Just over 10 weeks to go now, and I know I should have started my training earlier but you know, it’s totally doable. Posting about my training regularly will hopefully keep me motivated over these cold months! If you have a Strava account I’d love to follow! I’m not entirely sure how you share profiles but mine is here (I think!)

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I do have a fitness instagram as you can see above, so if you want regular daily (mostly) updates on what I’m doing that’s the place you need to be!


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