5 Reasons Why Winter is My Least Favourite Season // #20 of Blogmas ’16

I don’t like Winter. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I hated it, but I definitely dislike it. I mean, in theory I love it. Cosy nights, layers, pretty snow. In reality, there’s no sunlight, never managing to get layers just right and snow quickly turns into slush…

5 Reasons Why Winter is My Least Favourite Season // #20 of Blogmas ’16

#1 It’s Cold

We all know I hate the cold, right? Because I do. Take me to a hot country any day. I just don’t like having to layer up to feel warm, and I don’t like having to occasionally sleep in full pyjamas, socks, dressing gown and my 15 tog duvet because I’m just that cold. Give me the slightest breeze and I’ll have goosebumps, I’m not made for this weather.

#2 Snow is Overrated

It’s amazing when that first snow falls. I love how it makes everything look prettier and I love taking photographs of it. I found these from my last winter in Carlisle… Wasn’t it gorgeous?! But yeah, soon enough it’s slushy and horrible to walk in. Actually, the crunching of snow goes through me too. Hate it. I do love snow, when I’m not in it. Does make for fab selfies though – with the sunlight getting reflected in all that white. Like being in a big lightbox.

#3 December is Misleading

Anyone else forget that Winter has actually only just started when it gets to the end of the year? We’re in December now and already it feels like Winter has graced us forever and a day. But nope, the worst is yet to come. Today is actually the Winter Solstice so the days will get longer from now on (yay!) but the weather doesn’t start to brighten up. Oh no. January/February are generally so much colder, and that’s when the snow and ice appears…

#4 Icy Roads & Cars

Which leads me to this point. This is my first year driving in my own car and I’m actually terrified for when it starts getting icy and snowy. It’s bad enough trying to walk on an icy pavement, but having full control over something that has wheels and will easily slip on ice…? No thanks! I mean I’ll have to, but I wish I didn’t.

#5 Constantly Feeling Sluggish

Dark mornings make it harder to get up in the morning and in the cold I tend to reach for unhealthy comforts. Like having too many hot chocolates, living off potatoes because mash and gravy, reaching for all the chocolates that are just laying about, not wanting to do anything productive. Just me? My energy and motivation just gets a total hit in Winter. It’s something I want to work on but you know, it’s hard. I think I need one of those SAD lights.

5 Reasons Why Winter is My Least Favourite Season // #20 of Blogmas ’16

Despite all that, Winter can be super pretty though can’t it?


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