What’s in my Cabin Max Backpack for Carry On

26th November 2018 4 min read

What’s in my Cabin Max Backpack for Carry On

26th November 2018 4 min read

In collaboration with Cabin Max.

Girl carrying Cabin Max backpack

In less than a week’s time I’ll be heading out on my first solo trip. Yep, first solo! With that in mind, I wanted to make the travel as easy as I could to hopefully give myself a smooth sailing experience. 

Enter Cabin Max. Their backpacks have been designed with travelling hand luggage only in mind. Giving the most room you could possibly have, whilst still being able to keep everything with you. The majority of the time when I travel now, I go hand luggage only. It’s much easier, means less waiting time and I just don’t take as much unnecessary stuff.

Cabin Max Backpack standing up

The guys at Cabin Max sent me the Equator 2.0 Backpack to test out. What draws me to backpacks rather than cases is the opportunity to have your hands free.

As a solo traveller, I feel like that would be really useful. No having to worry about dragging a case round or constantly keeping an eye on it.  

The Equator 2.0 Features

I chose this backpack in particular for a few reasons. The main one being that it has an extra waist and chest strap, which most others didn’t have. For me, this adds so much more support than just the two regular straps, ultimately just giving more comfort.

As well as that, this bag contains a lot of random little/big pockets. The flap that you can see has two outside pockets, and also contains pockets on the other side. One of these is even hidden from sight at a quick glance!

The inside flap also has a pocket on the outside (designed for laptops/tablets with a felt feel lining) and a netted one on the inside too.

There are also two pockets on either side for a water bottle and the waist strap has pockets too. So yeah, plenty of places to put things.

There’s also a pocket right at the bottom, and this holds a waterproof cover for those really rainy days. You could take that out and use the pocket for something else, but a rain cover is always useful to have.

On their website, Cabin Max list the airlines that each bag is suitable for according to their guidelines. With Ryanair the most notorious at being picky of course. This bag isn’t suitable for that airline but there are many that are. That wasn’t a deal breaker for me, as Ryanair is one I like to avoid at all costs.

Pockets in Cabin Max Backpack

The last big reason was the addition of a divider inside. This is optional and connects to the sides with clips. For me, I figured it would be really useful to separate the top portion of the bag so that when I have to open it up at security and pull out all my electricals everything is still separated and easy to grab. The bag opens fully like a case would, so it’s easy to get to everything anyway.

Cabin Max Inside Packing View

The Space Inside A Cabin Sized Backpack

When the backpack arrived, I was amazed at how big it actually was. I mean, it’s pretty much just like a cabin sized suitcase, except it has straps rather than wheels. That said, it didn’t feel too large on me and I’m not a very big person. As you can see above, there is still plenty of space to pack more things in. I didn’t pack in a towel for this, but I will be and there’s easy enough room there. So what’s in there?

Travel items inside Cabin Max

Go Pro and selfie stick

Portable charge


DSLR in my trusty camera bag



Packing cube: 1 x jeans, 1 x skirt, 5 x tops, 1 x gym set, 1 x pyjamas.

Clear bag toiletries: Shampoo/conditioner, body wash, hand gel, mascara, SPF Suncream moisturiser.

Jumper and spare shoes

Bag with underwear

Spare backpack for daily use

If you’ve never tried packing cubes, they are one of the best things you could get for travelling with smaller luggage. You can squeeze so much into them, and they keep everything neatly organised. 

This is the basics of what I would be taking for a 4 day trip. I’m sure other things will find their way in and I’ve probably forgotten something, but there is still plenty of room to add more. If you looked at it on the website, you can see that mine is nowhere near as full as what the photo shows.

Once you’ve packed your bag, there are straps inside to fasten everything in, and then once you’ve zipped up you can use the clips on the sides to compress it all in that little bit more. 

Side straps on Cabin Max backpack
Back straps on Cabin Max backpack

Carrying A Cabin Backpack Comfort

So with this much stuff, it isn’t too heavy to carry for myself. You know your own boundaries I guess. I’m sure after a few hours it will get a little tiring but you know, I’d take this ease and use over being a little sore. It fit quite well and the padding on the back is comfortable. I will update with how I went on once I’ve actually used it to travel, because that’s what really matters doesn’t it.

The straps on the back can actually be unclipped and stowed away. With a handle on top of the bag, and a handle on the side, you’ve got other options for carrying it. Takes it from backpack to more business style within minutes. I chose the grey and orange design simply because I wanted the bag to stand out, should I ever come into problems with filled planes and have to check it in underneath. There is also a plain black one.

As of 8:30am 26/11/18 Cabin Max still have some great Black Friday deals on so it’s definitely worth having a look now! 

Have you ever travelled with a cabin sized backpack only? 

What's in my Cabin Max Backpack for Carry On | Travelling with just a backpack
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