4 Reasons Why I Need to Visit Cyprus Again

13th November 2018 3 min read

4 Reasons Why I Need to Visit Cyprus Again

13th November 2018 3 min read
View of Protaras from Chapel of Prophet Elias | 4 Reasons Why I Need to Visit Cyprus Again

I’d never been before July 2018, and as it happens I get to visit Cyprus for the second time within 7 months. And here’s me saying I just want to try new places!Β 

Some places I feel like one visit is probably enough. Some, you feel like you’ve just touched the surface and want to see more. For me, Cyprus was like that. I don’t think we really had the chance to get a feel for the country as a whole, and I have a few reasons for wanting to revisit.Β 

#1 – To See More of the Culture

When I travel I like to explore the local towns. Nip into the shops, eat at small cafes and just see what’s going on. I didn’t really get that. 

We were based in a lovely area, but that lovely area was filled with so many hotels, so many bars and a lot of British people. I travel to get away from Britain, y’know? It was very touristy and that’s not for me. Doesn’t help of course that we went in July in the midst of the World Cup. Won’t be doing that again!

I just want to see the villages, I want to see the every day things. Local restaurants, local entertainment.Β Next time we’re going in March so more out of season and hopefully a lot quieter. We’re also in a different area.

2# – Not Enough Halloumi

Or any other more local foods to be honest. As the area we were in was very touristy, a lot of the restaurants were designed for that. Shame really. We did find a few local ones and had some really tasty food, but I would have preferred a better selection! 

I mean to be honest, I can’t eat a lot of the more traditional ‘known’ meals as they tend to be meat-ridden anyway, but I feel like I still missed on some good stuff.Β Loukoumades sound incredible!

People climbing onto boat from the sea, and girl scuba diving in sea. | 4 Reasons Why I Need to Visit Cyprus Again

#3 – To Do More Activities

There are a lot of boat trips to different places on the island and there’s also lot of historical sites in land to see and visit. I’d like to see more of that.

We did actually go on a boat trip, and I did have a go at Parasailing. I even managed to find a pretty little chapel on the top of a hill. So you’d think I’d seen a good variety? But that’s what I like on holidays. I like to find new things, learn more about the place that I’m in and see cool buildings.

The more trips I take, the more I just want to see. I used to love just lounging around a pool soaking up the sunshine but now I just get bored. I feel like I need to be moving or doing something.

Protaras, Cyprus Beach Strip  | 4 Reasons Why I Need to Visit Cyprus Again

#4 – For The Limassol Run!

Which brings me on to this point… Who am I to turn down a run when visiting somewhere new eh? We had plans to visit Cyprus again next year anyway to finish off what we couldn’t do this time. I discovered the Limassol run and that it was close to the area we would be wedding venue shopping (not for me!). That’s pretty much fate. Right?

I’m going for the 10k simply because I am not about trying to do a half in that kind of heat! Also because the Wigan Half Marathon will be a few weeks later and I’d rather put my full training focus into that in case I decide to go for it again.

I’ve written about it before, but running whilst on holiday is something I always try to do. It gives me space, it gives me time to explore and it just really allows me to get a feel for the general area. I love it. Since doing the Disneyland Half Marathon and it being my first race abroad I’ve really discovered a new want to visit new places and run in them.

Which places would you revisit?