Using Running to Explore New Places

25th August 2017 3 min read

Using Running to Explore New Places

25th August 2017 3 min read

I was talking to someone about running in new, random places, and it was only then that it hit me that apparently this is weird to non-runners? Like, what if I got lost? Why do I just go and run with no plan?


Well my first answer was… It’s quicker running, so it’ll take less time to get back if I run somewhere randomly. Right?

I mean, I don’t just go completely without a plan. Obviously I do have a little look on maps or have a look online to see if there’s a well known route anywhere, to give me a rough idea of mileage and which direction is best.

I feel like I should add a disclaimer here and say that when I do this, it’s always shorter runs. I wouldn’t go out for 15 miles or something with no real plan – and I ALWAYS make sure I have my phone, money or my card and ID on me. You know, it never hurts to be prepared in that kind of way!

Why Running On Holiday Is Great

Exercising on your holidays might be the last thing on your mind. And that’s okay. Holiday’s should feel like a break. If you’re (apparently crazy) like me, exercising on holiday is just the done thing. I workout a lot less than I would normally, but I definitely try to have at least two days where I’m still being active. On some trips you might find that you do a lot more walking compared to usual, and really that’s enough if you want it to be. (In other thoughts, how do I take those flattering running photos that others get?!)

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Let’s look at running in particular. If you’re training for a race or simply to just improve fitness/distance/speed or whatever, you know how important it is to keep up routine. You need to fit your runs in around whatever you’ve got happening, and sometimes that’s more difficult than others. It really depends on what you’re doing and where you are.

Take for example my holiday in July. I visited Croatia (as I’m sure you’ll know if you follow me on twitter/instagram) and no, I did not manage to run. This is down to my bad planning, but also me just enjoying myself. I didn’t want to disappear in the evenings to run, I went to bed late, and quite simply when I woke at 8am it was already 27 degrees out. I could have still tried, but I didn’t. Hey ho.

More recently though, I had a 4 day weekend in Marbella. Here I woke up at 8am and it was the much better temperature of around 19/20 degrees. So I ran. And I explored. And I just enjoyed it. No pressure on running a fast pace or hitting targets, just stretching my legs out and enjoying the warmth.


No Pressure, Just Keep Active

So basically if you love to run and love to visit new places, combining the two gives you the best of both worlds and keeps your training up. It can be scary if you don’t like going out alone, but even more reason to find a new running partner right? Keeping active means something different to each person, so what I’d like to know is what do you do on holiday? Do you run, or walk more? Stick to bodyweight? Yoga? Dance? Nothing at all? Let me know!


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