A Weekend In Marbella

22nd August 2017 3 min read

A Weekend In Marbella

22nd August 2017 3 min read

“Dare to live your own adventure”

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The sun beating down, 30 degrees and with just the slightest of slight sea breeze wafting around. Ah Spain, oh how I was happy to land in that kind of weather. I can’t actually remember the last time I visited mainland Spain prior to this trip. I would have probably been either early high school age or younger. It’s somewhere we visited a lot as a family when I was young, but had branched out just a tiny bit further afield as we grew up.

That said, when I land in Spain I always feel a sense of familiarity. It doesn’t feel strange. Earlier this month I went on a four day trip to Marbella with family, and it was just such a relaxed weekend. Plenty of sunbathing, reading, good food and a whole lot of laughs. Here’s a photo diary!

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On the first day we didn’t do too much. Just relaxed around the pool, found the nearest shop (which was around a kilometre downhill… and then a very sweaty walk back uphill with heavy bags) and had some tasty food. My mum and I shared a vegetable paella on this first night, and it turned out to be the nicest meal we would have all week. The rest of the meals just weren’t that impressive to be honest! We didn’t really have another meal that we really enjoyed unfortunately.

I’m not a big drinker, but I had alcohol every night on this weekend. Oh what holidays do to you. Not that I had a lot. See that glass of Disaronno below? Yeah I only needed one and I was feeling it, so two a night was plenty! I mean I am a lightweight, but I swear we were getting triples.


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The place we were staying was pretty quiet, and very much in a small little village. The nearest restaurant/bar was that aforementioned kilometre walk away, so we didn’t really stay out too late each night. I did go on a couple of runs though to do a bit of exploring (and of course to keep my training up!) and I discovered this super long wooden walkway with various paths and directions to take. I think it was a bit of a nature reserve. I also ran along the beach, though this was difficult at some points considering the water was so close to the walls!

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Sunday was our last full day, and myself, my mum and my cousin all took a little trip into Marbella to walk around the Old Town. Oh I am so glad we did this! Here we had those maze-like little streets, like the ones I loved so much in Croatia, and cute doors with plant pots everywhere. I would love to live somewhere like this, everywhere you turn there’s something pretty to see.

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Whilst here we discovered the shop that is Ale-Hop. It reminded me of Paperchase, but even better to be honest. It’s where I got the notebook from in the top photo – just €3! The streets below led to this shop, and just looking you know it’s gonna be a great place, right? Also had that huge cow stood outside. Not exactly sure why!


I would have like to explore Marbella a little more, but I feel like we hit the perfect amount of relaxation and adventure with the amount of time available. I mean most of my adventure was on my own whilst I was running, but I actually quite like that! There’s nothing better than finding quiet little places. That’s what was nice about this town. It didn’t have much to do, but it meant there were very few tourists about and most of the holiday-makers were actually Spanish.

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So yep, I’m just wistfully looking at all these photos and wishing I was still there. How about you?


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