Exploring Park Güell in December

19th December 2018 4 min read

Exploring Park Güell in December

19th December 2018 4 min read

Park Güell is a place that is always high up on the ‘things to do in Barcelona’ lists, and I have to agree. If you love nature, love pretty buildings and tiles then Park Güell is a must! 

It is a little bit out of the way compared to most of the other attractions within the city of Barcelona as the park lies right on the edge, however it is easily accessible by buses and the metro to Lesseps or Vallcarca. Buses stop pretty much outside one of the entrances, but both metros have about a 20 minute walk going uphill. I travelled to Vallcarca on the way there, and had a climb that definitely got me warmed up! Information online tells you to use the escalator, which is why I originally chose this option. I couldn’t find an escalator! In fact, my map reading was super terrible that morning, but thankfully a lovely old woman stopped and asked if I was looking for Park Güell before giving me directions. Mostly in Spanish mind you, but I managed to get the jist of what she was saying.

Booking the Early Tickets at Park Güell

I arrived at the entrance near to the top, walking through some of the park, so my first view was the below. I had booked the 9am slot, but arrived at around 8:40am and was let through. I would highly recommend going in the early slot, as there were not many people here at all. (Granted I visited early December)

It still wasn’t quiet, but as a comparison at this time I was sharing the space with around 20 people at the most. A couple of hours later, there were at least double if not triple that just on this balcony style section.

Top tip: Book your tickets online! This is the same for most Barcelona attractions. It saves time, it can save money and it means you definitely won’t miss out from places getting full.

The park is named after Eusebi Güell. He was a close friend of Gaudí and commissioned quite a few of his works. He wanted Gaudí to convert this land into a garden city, inspired by English gardens, and work starting in 1900. From what I’ve read, it didn’t go completely to plan. Despite that, they carried on until 1914 when the First World War stopped the work.

Güell died in 1918 and the land was sold to the Barcelona city hall to be turned into a public park. This opened in 1926, the year Gaudí died. The park is now an important part of Barcelona, and is very popular with tourists!

The top area in the monumental section gives you a glorious view of Barcelona. You can see the city, you can see the hills and you can see the sea. The Sagrada Familia really stands out, just showing how tall it actually is. This was actually my first glimpse of it.

As mentioned above, I got there quite early. Being December, this meant the sun was still rising giving everything a warm glow. The weather was quite mild, it was warm in the sunshine and a little chilly in the shade.

One of the stand out things about this park is obviously Gaudí’s designs. The beautiful patterns that can be found in every single thing, whether that’s a building, a wall, a sculpture, a building column or a ceiling. So much to look at, you could easily spend hours here. The monumental part that you actually have to pay for to get in is quite small when you realise just how big the actual park is. That said, it is definitely worth paying for, and you will miss so much if you just stick to the outside areas.

I completely fell in love with all the bright colours and patterns on the tiling. It’s just all so unique and you can be looking for ages still finding something new to look at. I would definitely have this sort of tiling in my house.

Next up I headed down, and this walkway appeared. It’s what you would look at and think it was plain compared to the tiling above, however there are still intricate details in the stone. Including this sculpture of a woman.

There’s just always something new to look when you’re walking about Park Güell. I’d highly recommend if you enjoy chilling in the outdoors. You can just take it slowly. Obviously there are crowds, so I wouldn’t say it’s completely relaxing, but the free parts of the park are a lot quieter and still super pretty to walk through.

Just going to end this now with a few of my favourite bits of the park!

Have you been to Park Güell?