The Travel Itch: My Dream Travel Destinations

I have the travel itch. The wanderlust. The need to just get out and explore new places, different countries, different worlds.


I’ve been quite lucky in that I have already been to a few different countries in my short (getting old) lifetime so far. We would go on a holiday abroad almost every year when I was a child, or so it felt. My mum is the queen of finding last minute or cheap holidays. Once we booked at 6pm and got on the flight at 6am the next morning. Yep. Now that’s last minute! Brothers passport had turned up that morning and my mum and dad were running out of their summer holiday time off – had to be done, apparently.

These holidays were mostly Spain, but still I’ve been to a few different areas. Most with family, some with college/university friends. Other places I’ve been include Jersey, Lanzarote, Malta, Turkey, Tunisia, France ( Paris – for Disneyland and for an art trip), Italy (Venice and a brief trip to Verona) and Finland. Mostly European, which is great and all (and I’d love to visit more) but I want to venture out further. Don’t we all?

Dream Travel Destinations

+ East Coast of Australia +

This is number one on the list, and something I’m currently saving for with the hopes of setting off late 2018. Even if it doesn’t happen then, it will happen. Watch this space. Australia had been a dream travel destination since I was a little kid though. As soon as I discovered the Great Barrier Reef I wanted to visit, and it helps of course that the country looks beautiful and actually has sunshine. I just know I’ll regret it if I don’t visit Australia at least once in my lifetime.

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+ Bali +

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a sun worshipper. I just love me some hot weather. I don’t really know why or when I became aware of Bali as a place to travel to, but I see photos on instagram and on blogs and it just looks so pretty. I’m easy to please.

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+ Canada +

Banff, Lake Louise, The Rockies, Niagra Falls… Need I say more? Seriously though, Canada looks like a beautiful place. I’d love to just spend my days hiking around all the nature parks and enjoying the quiet. Camping, running, cycling, swimming in rivers etc. It seems like the perfect place for that kind of trip.

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+ Iceland +

My main reason for wanting to visit Iceland is to see the Northern Lights. You can see them from a few places obviously, but Iceland is the main one I guess. I mean like I said, I like hot weather. Iceland doesn’t tick that box at all (though apparently it isn’t as cold as you’d think?) but it’s still somewhere I’d love to visit. I can easily wrap up in plenty of layers!

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Where would you visit, given the chance? Would love to know!


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