Race For Life Pennington Flash Recap

I’ve missed the last couple of Race For Life events thanks to university and just not being in the right place at the right time. I wanted to do a Pretty Muddy, but it just couldn’t happen. I’m glad I got to this one instead!


Why I Love The Race For Life

Cancer is a big thing. They say that almost everyone will have been affected by cancer at some point in their life, whether that’s through themselves getting it, a loved one, a friend, or even just an acquaintance. It sucks, it really does.

We’ve lost all four grandparents to some form of cancer. I’ve known a few people outside of the family to be touched with this awful disease. Most recently it was my mum. She knew something was up, went to the doctors and thankfully she was given scans quite quickly, and was having an operation to remove the tumour just weeks later. That probably all happened within a month. Luckily she’d caught it at the very early stage 1, and doesn’t need any further treatment. So many others don’t get that lucky.

I’ve done the race 4 times now I think, and I’ve volunteered once (with my mum of course!) so I know what to expect when there. But even so, you do feel super emotional. Just reading everyone’s messages on their backs always has me! Research for this kind of thing is always important, and Cancer Research are one of the biggest Cancer charities out of many others. They’re all doing good work, and it’s great to come to an event like this and see how people are raising money, raising awareness and telling their stories.



Completing the Race for Life 5k

This time I made sure I was right at the front. I usually get stuck behind all the joggers/walkers, and whilst I know it isn’t a serious race, I just struggle to even walk slow so you know, not a great place to get stuck. We set off SO quickly, I don’t know how they all kept it up. I definitely couldn’t!

It was a weird one actually because my race was quite quiet with me being more towards the front of the pack. I did run alongside a lovely lady at one point when we were definitely both struggling. She was telling me how she’d been swimming in the flash the day before! The weather couldn’t make it’s mind up and the sun appeared and disappeared constantly. It was hot out, and I’d have been grateful for a little bit of rain to be honest!

Now it’s supposed to be a 5km run, but my Garmin only measured 4.6km. Did it lose signal or was it just short? Probably short but hey ho, it doesn’t matter does it? My time therefore was 27:13 and not really accurate of a 5km at all considering I haven’t managed under 29 yet! Oh and look at me being all nonchalant on the starting line haha. Furthest on the left if you couldn’t tell ;)

You can see the full overview of my run stats on Strava here!

Next up I’ve got a 5 mile bike ride. Something different! Ever done a race for life before?


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