Setting A New Running Challenge

16th June 2017 3 min read

Setting A New Running Challenge

16th June 2017 3 min read

My last ‘major’ challenge was the Wigan Half Marathon back in March. It was tough, but I finished it and was super proud of myself. First half marathon and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! Now it’s time for another…


My next big challenge is another half marathon – the English Half Marathon in Warrington, September 17th. Not only that, but also the 5km race on Friday 15th, and (if I can walk) the mile that takes place after the half/10km races. Yep. Three races within one weekend. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a challenge… and medals. There’s a double medal if you do two races, and a special triple crown medal if you do three, as well as the usual race ones. So yeah, five medals in total, and they are all incredible. See for yourself.

How I’m Preparing Myself For This Challenge

I have 13 weeks to train for this. Plenty of time, right? Now I’d like to say I’d just run all the time, but I know realistically that won’t happen. I am of course going to be running, and my Mondays or Tuesdays (depending on work) will generally be the long run days to get my mileage back up.

However, if the Wigan half taught me one thing, it’s that I need to work on my muscles to correct imbalances and weaknesses. My body felt awful afterwards, and especially my inner thighs. The massage I had afterwards was the most painful thing I’ve ever had done to me. Actually thought I was going to pass out…

I’ve been going to the gym and doing strength training in the past few months, but it’s time to properly get back into a routine. The plan of action is to follow a 12 week plan that I found on BodyBuilding, which includes a fully rounded strength routine with two targeted cardio days. I’ll most likely be running as my warm up for each session too, so that’s more time on my feet. I may end up with 3/4 runs per week depending on how I feel, but the basic routine will be two targeted running days.

The thing is, I don’t generally have problem with my breathing/stamina when running long distances. It’s usually the soreness and dead legs that stop me! I’m hoping that focusing on making my body stronger will help with the running, as well as give my body a better base for fitness.


Tracking The Fitness

You’ll hopefully be getting monthly updates on here to see my progress and how I’m getting on. I don’t want to overload the blog with boring fitness updates, but I know that some of you do find this stuff interesting. Even better, let me know what kind of fitness things you’d like to see and I’ll try to add them!

I’m using an app to track which workouts I complete, and I’ll probably tick them off on my calendar in my Filofax too – it’s an easier visual to see how I’m doing. The before photos have been taken, though I haven’t actually taken measurements yet so I will do that too. I just want to make it clear now that my goal is not to lose weight. Losing body fat and getting leaner would be great, but overall weight loss isn’t the goal. My goal is to get stronger and fitter, so I really am going to be using my body as a measurement, seeing how I feel and how I’m improving on weights. In all honesty, I could probably do with a bit of extra weight on anyway!

I will be attempting to update daily on instagram over at my fitness account @runliftkt if you want to follow there. Shameless plug, I know. I only follow back fitness accounts on there, but if I love your feed you’ll likely get a follow from my main account instead ;)

So what about you, any new challenges coming up?


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