Travel Essentials For The Active Traveller

29th June 2018 4 min read

Travel Essentials For The Active Traveller

29th June 2018 4 min read

Holiday packing. Some people love it, some people hate it. I think I’m in the middle? Leading up to a holiday I just want to start planning, and figuring out what I’m going to take. Then it comes to actually packing and well, that’s no fun anymore. 

Some things are easy to decide on though, and for me that’s the travel essentials for active travel. And with that, I mean for when I know I’m going to want to be out and about, either running, walking or exploring a new place whilst being comfortable and suitably equipped. Here are my top picks.

The Gym Kit

I don’t go on holiday without taking some form of gym kit. That’s not to say I’m really strict on getting workouts in whilst on holiday. I like a treat as much as anyone, and holiday is definitely a time to relax.

For me, that just includes a run or two. Or a least a good walk. I don’t tend to do weights/HIIT or anything like that abroad. If you like to keep active on holiday, gym kit is just worth having just for comfort. 

Top gym kit that I have in my bag includes trainers, sports bras, shorts, vests, cap/visor and a running belt. 

I’ve also picked up a travel yoga mat this year, so I’m looking forward to being able to use that. It’s not really a necessity though. Taking a water bottle away (empty it first if hand-luggage only!) is also a good idea because then you can just keep refilling it from one of the big bottles you tend to buy, rather than buying plastic bottles.

The Important Travel Toiletries

Hair Care & Body Care

I mean I know it seems obvious really, but it pains me to admit that when I’ve previously travelled hand-luggage only I have skimped on the toiletries that I’ve taken, and often shampoo and conditioner struggle to make the cut.

This is a big mistake, let me tell you. Your hair will not appreciate the lack of a good product. 

Whether you’re visiting a hot country or a cold, the change can really make your hair struggle. Now I make sure to bring both so I don’t have to worry about my hair being dry and straw-like… 

I was gifted the travel hair and body set from Green People and it has definitely earned place in my travel luggage this year. The set comes with a quinoa and artichoke shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant.

This set is said to revive the hair, give shine and help with frizz. I was also sent their SPF sun lotion too. This is marked as UVA and UVB protected, though it doesn’t show a star rating for UVA. I am told however that it is compliant with EU regulations and has been tested to ensure they provide protection to fit the SPF rating.

All Green People products are vegan society approved, organic, ethical, cruelty free and a few other great certifications. Another plus for me is that is has no SLS in the ingredients, and this is something I notice a lot in shampoos. When I don’t use it, my natural curl appears and the hair feels so much softer. You can tell when you use natural hair care. So much.

I’ve been testing it these past couple of weeks (lucky we’ve had such hot weather eh?) and I really love the set. The ginger scent is amazing and I feel like it lasts a long time. Also of note – the packaging was all recyclable. Even the little foamy things that come in packages to keep the product safe in transit!

Avoid The Bugs

The final, but arguably the MOST important in my travel essential toiletries is bug spray.

Yep. Bug spray. Horseflies are my absolute nemesis in life. They love my blood, and my body does not love them. I react badly. 

Having had a bad reaction last year when I visited Marbella, and already getting hit this year by one and getting a swollen leg, bug spray is first on my travel essentials list. If you are an active traveller and enjoy doing active things, odds are you’ll be getting sweaty. This attracts bugs like nothing else.

It’s worth it. Trust me.

Pack Your Snacks

I’m the kind of person that takes snacks everywhere. 

It saves me from becoming hangry. That’s something no one wants to happen. It depends on what kind of holiday you are going on, and where, but for me I find that whilst the structure of eating with a group at set times is great, it’s sometimes not ideal.

Also with being vegetarian and a little fussy on some things, it gives me peace of mind to know I have something I can snack on. This is good for when you feel you need something with a bit more protein in. Some people will take protein powders on holiday too, so that’s always an idea. If you know you like to graze – take snacks with you. Thank yourself later.

What are your travel essentials for active travel?