Travel Content I’ve Been Loving Lately

5th June 2018 4 min read

Travel Content I’ve Been Loving Lately

5th June 2018 4 min read

When you can’t travel yourself, you obviously just have to take in lots of travel content right? Well I know I do. Always looking for more!

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I’ve got a few trips booked this year, but I cannot travel as much as I’d really like to at the moment. I help my wanderlust along by looking at what other people are doing. Taking in all kinds of travel content that is out there. Live through their stories, their videos and their photos. It also works to give inspiration for things to do and places to visit. So why wouldn’t you? Here’s what I’ve found lately!

Watching Others Travel

Kinging It YouTube Channel

Quite a new find for me, but I love Kinging It because Craig and Aimee are just so real and funny. I mean their adventures are pretty cool too, and they have some right laughs whilst they’re travelling. This was actually a channel where I watched their trailer and was just immediately sold. Two minutes of video and they had me. Now you know, they must be pretty entertaining for that to happen.

Expedition Happiness on Netflix

When I started watching this, I wasn’t expecting to be hit with so many feels. Expedition Happiness documents the journey of Felix and Selima as they attempt to travel from Alaska down to Mexico on a renovated school bus. (Which they built themselves, and looked incredible!) They hit many highs and lows on the way, and it was just great to watch something so raw and natural.

I think it raises a lot of questions. Their Bernese Mountain Dog gets really ill during the journey and I do wonder why they thought it would be a good idea taking such a dog through such hot places on a bus. But you know, it was a great insight into the struggles that can come with living on the road. It certainly made me want to get out and make a road trip! Watch the film on Netflix, or you can download it I believe. You can also see some of the Expedition Happiness photos on their Instagram.

Travel Content I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been really bad at keeping up with reading blogs lately. It’s something I definitely need to make more time for because really I’m just wasting a lot of time that could be spent reading procrastinating. But here’s what I have read lately.

Where’s Mollie recently want on a cruise and her photos just make me want to jump on the next cruise ship I can! Unlikely any time soon because they can get quite expensive, but omg, the Princess Cruise that Mollie went on looked amazing! I’ve always been curious about cruising because it does seem like a great way to get a snapshot of a few different countries in a short time.

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Travel Podcasts I’ve Been Listening To

I actually posted about travel podcasts not so long ago, but you know what? I’ve discovered two more. I haven’t listened to many episodes from these two yet, but from what I have listened to I’ve really enjoyed.

Tough Girl Podcast

This one is run by Sarah Williams and on each episodes she interviews – you got it – tough girls. Basically it’s a storytelling/interview based podcasts that delves into the lives of inspiring women who have set about to travel and complete amazing adventures. Things such as running ultramarathons, biking across Europe, climbing Kilimanjaro, walking the length of Great Britain, cycling to the South Pole and kayaking to various places. These ladies are so inspiring.

I just love to hear about these more ‘extreme’ adventures, telling myself that I’ll do something this cool someday. One I listened to this week and loved was the tale of Hannah Engelkamp. She walked the 1000 mile circumference of Wales with Chico the donkey. Random, yes. But it was so interesting and I’m definitely looking at picking up her book on the adventure!

What The Pho

This one is run by Nick and Amy and it covers a good range of travel topics. They interview experts, other travellers, locals and just give all round advice on travelling. I like that they seem to talk a bit about a topic and then bring the people in that they are interviewing to get their insights too. You will gain a lot of knowledge listing to this one!

I listened to the one about Bucket Lists with the guys from Kinging It when I was running and when it finished I spent the rest of the run thinking about my bucket list and what would be on it. Keep an eye out – I’m going to post something about that soon!

Travel on Instagram

I am constantly looking for new travel bloggers on Instagram. Being able to see all the pretty places that people visit gives me such wanderlust, but I just can’t stop looking. You get to see another country and place through the eyes of someone else, and something that you may not have even photographed yourself if you were there. It’s interesting. I also like to read the tales that they write too.

TooOldToGapYah is run by a couple, and they are still relatively new to Instagram. I discovered them through someone’s Instagram story and just had to follow. I like that their travel content feels very natural and not so curated. They write about their days and post stories with snapshots of what’s going on too.

I’ve been following Kirsty for a while now, and her latest posts from Rotterdam just have me dying to visit! Her feed is just so bright and colourful and makes you want to travel. Kirsty has also got some good blog posts about pitching and has done a few talks now on the subject. Really helpful for travel bloggers!

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What travel content have you been loving lately?