Top Travel Podcasts For Travel Bloggers

8th May 2018 3 min read

Top Travel Podcasts For Travel Bloggers

8th May 2018 3 min read

I listen to a lot of podcasts and they are always my first port of call when I’ve got a long car or train journey. I don’t know why but I’m just not a big music listener – I much prefer to listen to more conversational things. Lately I’ve been trying out a few travel podcasts!

Top Travel Podcasts For Travel Bloggers |

Have a quick google and you’ll find tons of different podcasts with tons of different themes, ideas and genres. They’re everywhere! I’ve written about my favourite podcasts before, but I hadn’t really branched into travel back then. I just hadn’t thought about searching for it, instead seeking out travel vlogs and written blogs.

I have however discovered some new ones on my hunt for podcasts for travel bloggers, and I thought I’d share as they bring a good mixture in.

Twin Perspectives

This is a podcast series by twin sisters Claire and Laura. They also have a travel blog called Twins That Travel. The podcast series covers a mixture of personal experiences, travel tips and also some more ‘business’ style tips too. I like this one because it’s very much for bloggers, and it feels like you’re in such a natural conversation with them.

Interested in working with Travel PR companies, this one with Gosh PR is a good listen.

Break Into Travel Writing

Good travel writing can just come naturally to some, but needs plenty of work from others. I personally like to pick up any tips I can, so when I discovered this series by Alexa Meisler I had to have a listen. These podcasts feature various people, from travel bloggers, industry experts, entrepreneurs, world explorers and more. They discuss tips and advice on how to get into travel writing as well as photography, film making and podcasts. It’s a good mixture of everything you may need to know about getting your travel content out and noticed.

Travel Couple Podcast

This one is a little different. The Travel Couple Podcast is interview based, and each one covers a couple who are travelling around the world and working to earn money from doing so. I’ve grown to love listening to other people talk about their travels. It is so interesting to hear another perspective on something, and to even be introduced to something you would not have looked at yourself.

If you want a bit of travel inspiration or to just listen to great stories, this is the one.

Travel Tales

Okay this one is similar to the above, although it’s generally just one guest. Plenty of travel tales from a whole host of different people. Another one that’s perfect for just listening to a few stories and hearing how other people have experienced travelling.

Easy listening, and great for commutes! I’ve actually listened to a few of these on my runs or at the gym.

Zero To Travel Podcasts

Zero To Travel gives you travel advice, information and experiences from various different people. I think this one is probably the most ‘helpful’ podcasts for travel bloggers that I’ve found, in that they really do cover everything. Some of the latest include: budget travel, transitioning to travel, culture shocks, music festivals, guide to cheap flights, using Airbnb and cheapest destinations. So yeah, that covers a lot.

This one is definitely a good all-rounder. You may not want to listen to every podcast, but there will be a good chunk that you can relate to or feel like you need to hear.

Do you listen to any travel podcasts? Would love more recommendations!

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