The Gym Bag Essentials: Useful Gym Kit To Always Have

Things are so much better when you have them organised, and that’s no difference when it comes to gym gear. I love to keep active and having a set place for gym essentials makes everything run much more smoothly. I can go to the gym without having to search for things!

The Gym Bag Essentials: Useful Gym Kit To Always Have |

There’s nothing worse than turning up to the gym and realising you’ve forgotten a bobble to tie your hair up, or you’ve forgotten your headphones or something else you really wanted to use. I mean this happened way too often to me thanks to always switching bags, so I got my self a dedicated gym bag. It meant I could leave certain things in there so I wouldn’t forget them. And it makes life so much easier!

A simple fix, but an effective one. And here’s what my gym bag essentials include.

The Gym Bag Essentials: Useful Gym Kit To Always Have | The Essentials |

The Gym Bag Essentials

To be honest, I keep my gym bag fairly basic because there’s just no need to stuff it. Most of the stuff I need is already in the gym.

Trainers and the clothes I am actually wearing throughout my workouts go in the bag if I am doing something else before heading to the gym. Like if I’m going after work. If I’m just going straight to the gym I’ll obviously just wear all my gear so I don’t have to change. I do tend to keep a couple of outfits in there, plus an extra sports bra and spare underwear/socks. You never know when they’ll come into use…

Kit that I may use in the gym currently include resistant bands and a massage ball. The resistant bands I have are two quite different ones, and really I only use them to stretch out my shoulders. I’ve just bought a couple of new bands though to use for leg workouts, so they’ll be added in! The only other thing missing is ankle straps for cable workouts, and I really good use some of those.

Headphones are obviously useful to have so you can shut everyone else out and choose your own music. Or podcasts. I also take earphones if I know I’m planning a treadmill run because 1. my headphones won’t connect to the machines and 2. I can watch Netflix…

The Gym Bag Essentials: Useful Gym Kit To Always Have | Freshening Up Tools |

Freshening Up After A Workout

Essential if I’m at the gym and then heading straight out to work. No one wants to spend the day feeling all sticky and sweaty after a good workout. My gym bag came with a little bag and I use that to store all my showering/freshening up products. I still keep it quite basic – all I want is a quick shower after a workout. I’m not washing my hair here.

I have a shower gel (miniatures that you get in Christmas gift boxes are perfect here), deodorant, body spray, brush, razor, spare bobbles and those just-in-case-the-period-appears pads. Those are hidden in that cute little flat tin – Always or Bodyform occasionally have these stuck to their packs in stores when they have a promotion going.

Oh and a small towel. That’s always useful. This one doesn’t wrap around me in the slightest, but honestly I find it’s enough after a quick shower. Plus its less wet material to be sat in the bag all day whilst you work.

What are your gym bag essentials?

The Gym Bag Essentials: Useful Gym Kit To Always Have | The Essentials |