Where I’m Headed This Year on Away With Katie

13th February 2018 4 min read

Where I’m Headed This Year on Away With Katie

13th February 2018 4 min read

Hi. Hello. Welcome to Away With Katie.

This post is long overdue really, but honestly it wasn’t in the pipeline until now as I’ve figured that I wanted to share my plans with the blog.

Long-time readers will have seen that Life of Kitty is no more, and is instead now Away With Katie. New readers will know no different, but hey if you want to hear a little more about where my blogging journey started and will be heading, then go ahead and settle down for a bit of story time with Katie!

Becoming A Blogger

If I included my very first forray into the world of blogging and having my own website to be creative on, it would begin with Piczo and Livejournal. I learnt a lot of my basic HTML knowledge from building Piczo sites, and whilst looking back now I see how absolutely cringey they were (Anyone else make these? Having pages with photos of my ‘best galz’ and ‘best boiz’?) I know that initially they gave me that first joy in web content and design.

Then I discovered Livejournal and started blogging in a diary form. I was a angst-filled teenager, and those blogs also included a lot of cringey details. But hey ho, that’s how I started and I would say I was around 13 – so that’s around 12 years ago now! I’d love to share those links with you but A. they don’t exist any more (to my knowledge anyway) and B. well, that would just be highly embarrassing and no one needs to see that.

And then Tumblr appeared and I had a few different accounts on there, mostly just sharing other people’s posts but occasionally doing a daily diary style post. I LOVED it. Tumblr became my home. It’s actually the primary reason I became so interested in fitness, thanks to all the fitness accounts I followed on there. I enjoyed the community and being able to interact with others that had similar interests.

Discovering WordPress

It was 2012 when my first ‘proper’ blog was created, and it went under my name to begin with. I mostly posted about stationery, life and just generally random things. A year later I changed it to lifeofkitty, and a year after that I moved lifeofkitty to it’s own domain. So really, I class 2014 as the beginning of this here blog. It was when I started to get a little more serious about blogging, putting more effort into content and photography.

Life of Kitty served me well for almost 4 years, but I decided I just needed a change. I felt like I had outgrown the name, and honestly the name Life of Kitty just linked to a past relationship, and I didn’t want that association any more. Thus, I finally took the scary step of re-branding, changing my domain and hoping that I can get back to where I was.

Away With Katie – What’s Next?

My content is really not changing that much in all honesty. The aim is still to focus on fitness, travel and lifestyle – my happy topics. All things that I enjoy, love to write about and share and will continue to do so until it isn’t fun anymore.


So much of my fitness content on here has been running related, thanks to all the races I completed last year as a bit of a personal challenge to myself. I have a half marathon coming up in March, and then after that my full focus will be on lifting instead. (Right up until I have to start training for my Disneyland half marathon in September!) I hope to include more content surrounding weights and lifting in the coming year as well as more foodie posts.


I have a few trips already planned out this year, and I hope to delve a little more into the world of travel blogging. So far I’m off to a Fitness Retreat in Spain in March, Centreparks in May, Cyprus in July and Disneyland Paris in September. Plenty of things to look forward to, and also a lot of new experiences in there. I’ve already been planning my content ahead, and I just can’t wait to start exploring all these new places!


And well, sometimes you just need to chat about life. This category is for all content that doesn’t clearly fit in with the above topics, but will also not be too far strayed from the above either. Just to give me a little freedom when I want to talk about general life instead – because that does happen occasionally!

Follow The Journey

This year is going to bring new experiences, more content and hopefully just a better outlook on life. You know when a new year comes around and you feel like it’s a fresh start? That’s what this re-brand feels like for me! I’m currently just working on building up new content and getting everything back out there, but I look forward to what’s to come and hope you’ll all join me. It’s sort of a new direction, and one I’m really excited for this year.

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