A Weekend in Manchester & Brunch at Moose Coffee

A Weekend in Manchester & Brunch at Moose Coffee | www.awaywithkatie.com

I’ve lived fairly close to Manchester all 25 years of my life. And by fairly close, I mean that it’s roughly a 35-40 minute drive in good traffic I don’t really get to explore Manchester as a ‘tourist’ simply because it is so close and honestly going there is mostly just a chore because I need to do something.

I want to change that this year because there is so much of Manchester I have yet to explore. Independent shops I’ve never been into, random little cafes and restaurants I’ve never tried. The galleries, libraries and museums. I’ve been to some, but only once or twice. This is me saying that I want to explore my homeland a little more before I jet off into the wilderness. (Though if anyone has free flights going for Australia, I’m there.)

This weekend consisted of myself and my mum travelling into Manchester, watching The Script and then staying over in a Travelodge. The Script put on an absolutely incredible show, as always, and we had a really good night’s sleep in super comfortable beds. We didn’t walk around and explore too much admittedly, but it was still a great weekend spent.

Brunch at Moose Coffee in Manchester

A Weekend in Manchester & Brunch at Moose Coffee | www.awaywithkatie.com

You know when you plan to do something, and then it’s all you can think of for days? Well I showed my mum the Moose Coffee menu after being recommended it on Twitter, and we were both totally sold. Only we didn’t really think about the fact that it would be a Sunday morning in Manchester, and likely very, very busy.

Well it was, and we were given the option of coming back in an hour or sit outside. We chose to sit outside. Oh how silly that decision was.

Sitting outside for an hour in temperatures of 4 degrees was not our brightest idea, but was the food worth it? We started with a hot drink of course. My mum went for a very normal english breakfast tea, and I chose the hot chocolate. I decided to get it with almond milk instead of regular, simply because I’ve never been a fan of cows milk and because although Veganuary has ended and I have dabbled in non-Vegan foods again, I do want to limit the milk intake still.

Anyway, the lady taking our order let me know that the hot chocolate still had milk in the ingredients – and I just thought that was great awareness so thumbs up to Moose Coffee on the vegan front.

Which leads me onto the menu… There are such a variety of meals to choose from, with clear to see vegetarian labels and vegan options written within those. I wasn’t really 100% on what to choose to be honest because it just all sounded amazing. You’ll see below I went for an avocado toast with poached eggs combo. My mum chose a regular style full breakfast.

These were the first eggs I tried after Veganuary. I had one tentative bite of these and my brain was like nope, can’t do that. No thank you. So I pushed the eggs to the side and just enjoyed my avocado on toast.

That’s nothing to do with the cooking of course – as far as I could tell they were the perfect poached eggs. I just couldn’t do it. What a difference 31 days makes eh? I used to love eggs. The body and mind is a strange thing.

And we didn’t stop there. The pancakes on the menu sounded absolutely incredible, so we got a plate of the salted caramel ones to share. This was the best idea. Perfectly sweet, the right amount of thickness and that toffee sauce was just delicious.

A Weekend in Manchester & Brunch at Moose Coffee | www.awaywithkatie.com
A Weekend in Manchester & Brunch at Moose Coffee | www.awaywithkatie.com

Overall brunch at Moose Coffee was a great idea and it was really tasty, keeping us full right up until tea time. Worth sitting out in the cold? I’m maybe not so sure about that one. I’m sure the inside looked lovely but I didn’t get a look in so I can’t say. Maybe next time. I’m sure the outside would be lovely in the summer time!

After eating we got up and walked, as quickly as our numb legs and feet could take us, towards Albert Square and to our bus stop. Quite an abrupt end to the weekend, but we were cold, tried and absolutely stuffed with food. So home time it was, and the adventure over for the weekend. Pre-birthday celebrations well spent.

How often do you explore your local city?

A Weekend in Manchester & Brunch at Moose Coffee | www.awaywithkatie.com

Brunch at Moose Coffee in Manchester | Canadian style food, with glorious fluffy pancakes, toppings and the ever so photographed avocado on toast dishes | awaywithkatie.com


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