How To Create A More Productive Desk Space

3rd September 2017 4 min read

How To Create A More Productive Desk Space

3rd September 2017 4 min read

Last week I wrote about creating structure, and the future of Life of Kitty. This week I’ve managed to sort myself a more inspirational and productive desk space, somewhere I actually want to sit and write! So here’s what I think matters…

How To Create A More Productive Desk Space

And by that, I mean something that helps to inspire better work. Being more creative and having the room to think. If you’ve seen any of my instastories, you’ll have probably seen how messy and cluttered my desk was before I sorted it. (The second picture here is a good example!) It just wasn’t a good place to work and I think that’s part of why I’ve struggled lately to get my thoughts down. If my work space is cluttered, how can I expect my head not to be cluttered?!

#1 Find A Desk That Suits Your Needs

My desk before was quite small really, and whilst it did fit everything that I wanted on there, I wasn’t left with much clear space at all. This desk from Kit Out My Office is wide enough in all directions, and doesn’t take that much more space up in my room either. Their range of office desks come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. This one is spacious, sturdy and has two shelves with a door hiding all my junk inside – what could be better eh?

#2 Create Inspiration Around You

This can come in many forms. For me, an inspirational area includes art, personal photos and a good life quote. I’ve put up a couple of art pieces that I’ve collected from various places; the lighthouse was bought in the Farne Islands; the Eiffel Tower print and the little Eiffel Tower cat both from Paris; the Venetian canal print from Venice. My amazing Charlie piece was from a company called Twenty Fingers, and the lovely night scene is from Jemma’s shop!

I was really pleased with how this turned out, because it’s not too cluttered for me but is pretty to look at and actually gives me a sense of calm. Don’t get me wrong, those shelves to the right could definitely do with a sort out but hey, it’s getting there!

How To Create A More Productive Desk Space

How To Create A More Productive Desk Space
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#3 Keep Things That Make You Happy

Little mementos, ornaments, candles, plants. Whatever it is. Also on my desk I have my DAB radio, because I actually really enjoy listening to a few radio stations, a (fake) plant, Jon Snow (obviously) and currently a Salted Caramel candle. That candle left my room smelling lovely for hours the other night!

I’ve also got a few personal photos stuck to my wire frame (found in Primark!), simply because I like to see them. They include my birthday race photo, and running is something I’m proud of! I just like to have it there on show.

#4 Have Something To Keep Notes Organised

I’m one of those people that can have a load of loose papers just dotted about, full of random notes with no plan or organisation within them. That’s because I’ve often written them on my lunch break, or whilst I’m out after being hit with inspiration. You might be a sticky note lover. Or maybe you do just stick to a notepad and manage to keep everything contained. Whatever it is, having somewhere to write things down is pretty important I think. Sometimes you just need pen and paper.

I recently bought a classic Happy Planner, discovered it was way too big and have downsized to a mini Happy Planner. I’m still getting it all sorted within my needs, but so far so good. I’ve got somewhere to plan my week, to write down to-do lists, to keep track of fitness and to note all blog related things. And it’s in one place – easily accessible. I’ll do a full post on that when it’s fully organised!

How To Create A More Productive Desk Space

#5 You Do You

If you like a minimalistic look, with very little in and on your desk space, stick to it. If you like bright colours, make it bright. I mean everything I’ve written here might feel like it goes totally against what would help you – and that’s okay. I’ve just discovered what’s helping me at the moment. You can too, just by giving it a little thought. I hope this gave you some ideas!

Let me know what makes your desk space work for you!

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