Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall

3rd October 2017 3 min read

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall

3rd October 2017 3 min read

Sunday afternoon. The perfect day for a chilled woodland walk with family and enjoying the fresh air. There’s just something about being in nature that makes everything seem okay. Right? Welcome to (one of the walks in to) Haigh Hall…

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Haigh Hall View

Haigh Hall is an old country house set in the middle of Haigh Woodland Park, in the Wigan area. This building was actually built between 1827 and 1840 so you know, it’s pretty old! I don’t believe you can go inside and look around as of now but it is being renovated into a conference centre and wedding venue so it’s got plenty of life in it to come. We actually ran through the park during the Wigan Half, and the hall features on the medal and top!

It is surrounded by a lot of land (apparently the largest area of woodland in Greater Manchester!), of which includes the plantations. So many different trees with walkways, and it’s through these that many people enter the park. There are quite a few entrances (I’m not sure how many!) and we followed one of these in rather than use the main car park entrance so we could get a little walk in.

I always say that I dread the cold weather coming, but Autumn and Spring are favourites just because of the changes that are happening in nature. Everything just looks so much more beautiful. And whilst I love the lush green that Spring and Summer bring, I think I love the oranges and reds more! I mean most trees around me are still actually pretty green but you can see the changes happening.

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Walking In

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Mushrooms on Tree

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Waterfall

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Up The Hill

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Pigs

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Canal Boat

Yep, there are pigs to be seen on this walk in! I think there are two separate pens, and they cover quite a good area by the looks of it. We spotted those two sleepy pigs in the first pen, and then there were seemingly a few more in the second one. After having a quick search, it seems they are ‘Conservation Pigs‘ and they help to naturally clear the land as well as giving an educational tool. Interesting stuff.

The walk was just under 2 miles I think, and I was surprised at just how many people were out. Those with children, those walking dogs, running, cycling, couples… Every age group, they were out. I guess it’s just a good Sunday outing, and it made me realise just how much more I need to get out like this. One of my other favourite walks is the one up to Rivington Pike.

Haigh Hall With Male Cyclist
Haigh Hall With Female Cyclist

We had wanted to just go out for a walk, but I remembered that there was a Vegan food festival also on that day so it pretty much sealed the deal. The food area was SO busy, and I must have queued for at least half an hour but this veggie burger wrap (because they ran out of buns) was definitely worth it. So tasty! I got it from the ‘Give Peas a Chance’ van.

It was really busy in this area and great to see so many people out and enjoying good food. The weather was kind to us too! Within this main building, there’s an upstairs area with crafts and activities, and I always remember spending many hours here as a child, painting those tiles that had designs on them. Dolphins and flowers and the like. I’m pretty sure we’ll still have them somewhere in the house!

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Vegan Food Festival
Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Vegan Food Festival Food

Heading back out of the park… How many dogs can you spot? Seriously though, if you like dogs just go on a nice woodland walk during the weekend! So many dogs out. So many. I’ve never been a dog person, but lately all I want is a dog I can take out running. I know.

Woodland Walk to Haigh Hall | Dog Walking

Been to any pretty places recently? Would love to see your favourite woodland walk.


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