My Top 3 Experiences When Travelling

I have luckily been on many travels in my 24 years of life, but the majority of them I would say were just quite average trips. Beautiful places, really great times, but not anything that REALLY stands out. I’ve had three what I’d call ‘big’ experiences. Ones that I’ll remember for a lifetime. I hope to add to this list… but for now, here are my top 3 experiences.

#1 Seeing and Photographing Bears in Finland

At university, I was studying Wildlife Media. It meant I did a little bit of science, and a lot of photography/film throughout the three years, all based around wildlife and the outdoors. In my second year, I had to plan an expedition as part of a group. We chose Finland.

Photographing bears was the goal, and we saw a few different ones. I believe it was 4 or 5 across the nights we spent. Waking up in a wooden hide each morning to see bears prowling around probably not much more than 20 metres away was incredible. Yes, that photo above is one I took. Yes, I still can’t believe it happened. We also managed to see and photograph some wolves, which was pretty much the icing on the cake to be honest! I’m not sure much would top this experience we had.

Three part series on Finland travels here: #1, #2, #3

#2 First Time Scuba Diving in Lanzarote

I’ve always wanted to scuba dive. In fact, one of my biggest dreams in life is to go scuba diving in Australia, in the Great Barrier Reef. When I went to Lanzarote in 2015 I managed to book onto a two day beginner course with Manta Diving and took along my brother.

Having never done any scuba diving before, it’s safe to say we were both nervous. What if I couldn’t breathe properly? Once suited and booted in our diving gear, we were given a little intro/safety talk and then headed down into the water. It was surreal. I’ve done plenty of snorkelling, but it’s so strange actually being fully in the water, and quite deep compared to just being in the shallows.

We saw plenty of pretty fish, and it was great to be able to film some of it with my GoPro. Check out the video above in HD!

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#3 Attending Ultra Festival in Split

I mentioned in my 6 Reasons to Visit Split post that dance music was never really my thing. So how did a dance festival end up on this top experiences list?!

Well to put it simply, I was just in awe and it’s an experience I won’t forget. Being in another country, in a HUGE stadium and surrounded by thousands of people from all over the world was amazing. The music was actually pretty good (considering I didn’t think I’d like it) and I recognised far more than I thought I would. I didn’t really know any of the people playing, but I can say that I’ve seen David Guetta live haha. That name I knew!

Ultra Europe is just something I would never have done if I hadn’t been given tickets from work, and I’m so glad I did it.

What have been your best travel experiences so far?