What to Expect at the Om Yoga Show

What to Expect at the Om Yoga Show, Event City Manchester | A Yoga Class | awaywithkatie.com

The OM Yoga Show came to Event City in Manchester from 20th-22nd April 2018. It is a show that offers free classes all weekend from the best leading yoga teachers, has stands with companies and brands offering products, advice and services, and also gives you the chance to visit the Mind Body Soul Experience and Vegan Life Live too on the same ticket. A show not to be missed – and it happens every year! You can find the Om Yoga Show next in London from 19th-21st October 2018.

OM Yoga Show – What to Expect

I’ve been to shows in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to one this big, and boy there was a lot to see and do! I was gifted a ticket to experience the show and I am incredibly grateful for that because I just came away with so much.

Yoga Classes

Before attending I had looked through the programme and noted down all the classes I’d want to attend and the talks I’d like to see. There were three different yoga schools and each one had classes every half an hour or so depending on the lengths. It meant there were LOADS of classes to choose from, and I think if you wanted to experience more of them then it would be worth going more than just the one day.

I started my day in an Element Fitness class run by Dave Green at BWY. It was a fairly gentle intro to the day and I really enjoyed this one. Each class had a lot of mats and I think the classes must have had at least 50+ people taking part. Further on in the day I took part in a Flexibility Flow which was run by Lorna Walker with the Mindbody class. I did also want to try the Wasuyoga class, which seemed to be more about yoga and strength, but it was late and I was just really tired at this point from a long day out!

These classes showed me just how much I love yoga and why it is important for me to do regularly.

The Stands

You could easily get lost in this section, with so many different stands and so many different things. I noticed quite a few teaching courses dotted about and there were also a few stands offering retreats. Plenty of yoga mats/blocks/kit to have a browse through and if payday was sooner I may have picked up quite a few pieces as it all looked so good!

It was a good mixture of clothing, jewellery, home decor items, foods and just information too. I had a good nosy wandering around, and as I said you can get lost in all the different things. Having never been to a show like this, it kind of opened up a new world for me.

What to Expect at the Om Yoga Show, Event City Manchester | Stands at OM Yoga | awaywithkatie.com

Mind Body Soul Experience

This area was very spiritual based, with lots of psychic, mediums, healing types of stands. It isn’t really my thing, so I didn’t fully delve into this area. They were always busy though, and the massage therapy areas looked great. Mind Body Soul had quite a few talks happening throughout the day that were free to listen to. I did get myself a himalayan salt lamp and some crystals, but I believe these were actually in the Om Yoga section.

What to Expect at the Om Yoga Show, Event City Manchester | Crystal Stands | awaywithkatie.com

Vegan Life Life

What to Expect at the Om Yoga Show, Event City Manchester | Mahi Seitan Hot Dog | awaywithkatie.com


I have never tried seitan, and to be honest when I did eat meat I never really liked hot dogs. Why I chose to try a seitan hot dog, I’m not entirely sure. I mean I think it could have been the (vegan!) mac and cheese on top that pulled me in. And yes, it was SO tasty and SO worth it. At £7.50 I couldn’t really decide whether it was a little expensive or totally expected, but I happily paid it. The hot dog was made by Mahi, and they had a few other street food style options to choose from.

The whole eating area was brilliant actually and I thought there was tons of choice. You could pick from sushi, curries, greek wraps/vegan halloumi, chinese dishes, cakes, cider, milkshakes, juices and probably more that I’ve forgotten. I wanted them all to be honest.

Stands & Talks

I found that the Vegan Life area also had a lot of stands selling foods, thus plenty of opportunity to taste something new. I tried some cashew chease (very creamy and oddly cheesy, but I’m not sure I’m convinced!), heck vegan sausages, candy kittens sweets, jerky style ‘meats’ (definitely not convinced – not my thing!) and there were protein shake tasters on offer too.

And then this area also had stands for charities raising awareness and eco clothing/goods mixed in too.

You could also attend cooking classes here and listen to some talks. I didn’t have time to watch any of the cooking ones, but I did listen to most of Mick Walker’s talk on health and fitness on a wholefood plant based diet.

It was really interesting to hear his thoughts on things and get facts about cases and studies that had been done. It definitely made me want to focus more on my diet and start cutting out all the heavily processed foods.

What to Expect at the Om Yoga Show, Event City Manchester | Vegan Life Live Talk Mick Walker | awaywithkatie.com

What to Expect at the Om Yoga Show, Event City Manchester | A Yoga Class Childs Pose | awaywithkatie.com

Overall I had such a fantastic day, and came away with things to think about. I felt inspired just listening to people, seeing all these different companies and practising yoga as a huge group. I’ve promised myself that I will focus more on yoga and allow myself to reap the benefits properly. I love the practise and it’s just something I need to make more time for.

Ever been to a yoga show?


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