TV Series I Keep Telling Myself I’ll Watch

Anyone else terrible at keeping up with TV series? I am. I’ll start watching something and then forget… Or I’ll just tell myself I’ll watch something and never do it. Seriously, my list is just growing and growing.

TV Series To Watch

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I’m paying for Netflix monthly, and I’m hardly using it. Such a waste. I just don’t have my room set-up for the perfect TV experience to be honest – I can’t even see the TV from my bed! It’s a major first world problem… I know.

I’ve started moving my TV to a table at the end of my bed but it’s not ideal so I’ve been looking into other options. Right now, getting the Xbox One is sounding like a good idea, but then I don’t really want to spend the money haha. Mostly just so I don’t have to use my laptop for watching things, I can use that and my TV then…

Which leads me onto the next, I want a new TV. I currently have a small 17 or 19 inch one and yes, size does matter here. Why is it that you always want what you can’t get? I’ve never really looked into 4K TVs, but having seen what they do I’m now eyeing up this 4K TV Panasonic selection! Ultra HD, need I say any more? Definitely a step up from my current set up…

Anyway, I’ve got a huge list of TV series to catch up on, with no time to do it. I’m currently behind on Vampire Diaries (and it’s nearly over… FOREVER!), Casualty, Dance Moms (yeah, don’t judge) and probably way more that I’ve forgotten about. Adding to that, my to-watch list is forever growing.

Top Series To Watch

Luther: Because I love crime shows and this one sounds right up my street. Idris Elba also draws me in. Obviously.

Black Mirror: This one really intrigues me. I’ve only heard bits about it from people around me, but it sounds super interesting and terrifying at the same time. Also my kind of thing.

Riverdale: I don’t actually know about this one. It’s supposedly like Pretty Little Liars and that kind of makes me want to watch it yet also avoid. I’ve seen plenty of raving reviews on Twitter about it though so I guess I’ll give it a go at some point…

Westworld: A recent addition to the list. Sounds a little strange but is described as a thriller. There’s a bit of a theme here right? I’ve been told by a couple of people that I should try this though.

Emerald City: My dad and I spotted the trailer for this show as we were browsing channels and it looked really interesting. It’s currently sitting in our recordings with 3 episodes I think, all un-watched of course.

Series I’ve Started But Not Finished

How To Get Away With Murder: I started this when it first started showing on TV here. Kept up with a few episodes, but I’m pretty sure I only got about half way into season 1. I did enjoy it so I’ll probably go back to it eventually. My goal should be to finish this before starting anything new…

House: How many seasons of House are there? Too many. Not really, but it’s sure taking some time to get through! I watch this every now and then when I don’t know what else to watch.

Once Upon A Time: In two minds about this one. I originally got up to probably season 4 or so, but couldn’t remember where so I started it again. Up to episode 18 and I can’t even remember when I last watched so I’m not sure it’s worth going back to!

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Does it weird anyone else out how much the kids look like the film kids?! I enjoyed the three episodes I’ve seen, but I just haven’t gotten round to finish it.


I’m sure I have more to add to these lists but my memory is terrible for this sort of thing. I probably shouldn’t ask, but any thoughts on these shows or others that I should set as higher priority? Would love to know.


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