LUSH Never Mind The Ballistics // #13 of Blogmas ’16

Every year I tell myself I’m gonna try some of the LUSH things. Every year I fail. Well this year I’ve bought one from the Christmas products at least… The ‘Never Mind the Ballistics’ bath bomb. I’ve still got my eye on the Santasaurus and Snowie ones though! How cute are they?!

LUSH Never Mind The Ballistics // #13 of Blogmas ’16

I was drawn to this one firstly because of the pink bit. You can see that it has a different texture, and it has a really melty feel about it. I assume this is the cocoa butter, because it feels like that sort of thing. A+ investigation skills there. Anyway, I gave it a sniff and the sweet, citrus-y scent had me. It was in a bag faster than you can say Never Mind the Ballistics. Okay so not that fast then. It is a long name…

What do LUSH say?

“These aren’t ingredients for anybody else except for yourself. Lime and sweet wild orange oils are fresh and peachy on the nose, exciting the senses and shaking up your mood. There’s no time for apathy in the bath, so this anarchic bath bomb fizzes and rolls and spews colour with no holds barred energy. Fair Trade cocoa butter melts alongside fresh bananas to soften both the water and your skin. God save the clean; this deserves a replay.”

LUSH Never Mind The Ballistics // #13 of Blogmas ’16

Like honestly I think I must just have a really bad nose. The scent wasn’t really that overwhelming for me – I just didn’t get the amazing smells that I got just from holding it. Though that happens a lot with LUSH for me… Do the scents really come from the water as well?!

Also not a huge fan of the orange water but you know, guess it should be expected from the outside colours. It made my skin feel super soft and silky however and when I walked past my mum afterwards she asked if I’d put a treatment on my hair because something smelled nice. Must have been the LUSH bath right? (I swear I wash regularly…)

It didn’t put on an exciting show like some others, but it still fizzed beautifully and made pretty patterns in the water. My skin does smell faintly of the scent and the cocoa butter/oils in there definitely did some magic on my skin. So one to try, but not a show stopper in my opinion!

LUSH Never Mind The Ballistics // #13 of Blogmas ’16

Have you tried Never Mind the Ballistics?


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