8 Reasons To Love Christmas // #11 of Blogmas ’16

Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year. I just think that as a holiday it’s one of the most exciting and has the best things associated with it. I mean, just look at that little smushed Robin below! He’s old and we can’t get rid of him.


#1 – All the Pretty Lights

I really LOVE having a sparkly tree brightening the room. There’s nothing better than driving home from work in the dark and seeing houses all lit up and looking cute. I mean, some definitely go a little overboard for me but you know – their electricity bills not mine!

#2 – Decorating Anything and Everything

Getting the tree up is like the official start of all things Christmas. I always try to get it up on the 1st, just because. I can’t wait until I have my own house so I can decorate to my heart’s content! I’ll have decorations everywhere and they won’t be those awful foil ceiling things. (My dad seems to have forgotten those this year – usually they stick them up when I’m not around because I hate them)


#3 – All The Seasonal Smells

How many times have I spoken about candles? Too many to count, but here’s another quick mention… Spicy, wintery scents are amazing at this time of year. Currently burning the Candy Cane Forest candle like it’s my job. But then also the smell of Christmas trees, peppermint from candy canes, chocolate from the seasonal shopping aisle, your Christmas dinner cooking. There are so many amazing scents about.

#4 – Cheesy Christmas Films

My mum is one of those that will just browse the movie channels and settle on a really random film. We watched one called ‘A Prince for Christmas’ the other day and it was so cheesy, I couldn’t help but just watch it to the end! Just can’t beat a random Christmas film.

#5 – All the FOOD!

This time of year is the time to binge, am I right? So much chocolate, so many treats and cakes. Oh and the cheese board of course. Not gonna lie, my mum and I have already eaten two selection boxes after having chocolate cravings and with nothing else in. And Christmas dinner – anyone else feel like parsnips are a total Christmas day food?


#6 – Those Kind-of-Cute, Kind-of-Ugly Jumpers

I love them. Oh I do. 1st of December was exciting because it marked the first day I could wear my Christmas tops/jumpers at work. For the whole of December you will not see me in a normal work top, oh no! I have a selection of t-shirts to choose from and two jumpers.

#7 – Family Time

I’ve said this in a previous post, but Christmas is the one time we really come together as a family and we always have a fab time. The afternoon on the 25th is generally spent playing trivial pursuit. Getting competitive is something we’re great at… We’ve actually done puzzles a couple of times around Christmas too and they’re always perfect for a bit of downtime.

#8 – Christmas Songs

Michael Bublé. Need I say more? Okay so there are so many other great songs out there, but you just can’t beat a bit of Bublé in my opinion. It makes my day when I’m listening to the radio in my car and a Christmas song comes on, or when I’m at work and they come up on the mixed playlist. Isn’t is strange though how we don’t really get any new Christmas songs every year?


I’m sure I have plenty more reasons, but these are the main ones! What are yours?!


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