Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Yankee Candles

First things first – this post is not sponsored… I just love a good candle, and well, these spooky scents are to die for.

Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Yankee Candles |

Can you believe I only discovered the Yankee candle Halloween range last month? I’ve always loved candles, but never really used them because of space and where I lived whilst at university. I just have so much clutter and never enough space to feel safe with candles and not burning the house down. I’m a bit of a wimp though to be honest…

Well now I’ve got the space, and I’ve been burning like no other. Salted Caramel is high up on the list of amazing scents, but getting up close is Candy Corn. This is what tempted me to pick up a set of Halloween scents, and when I spotted this one with Witches Brew and Forbidden Apple on Amazon I just had to do it.

Yankee Candy Corn

The familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never tried candy corn… Do we even get it in the UK?! The Candy Corn scent is as you would imagine – sweet like candy. Definitely gives a sweet buttery, caramel scent and for me it stops just short of being sickly sweet, and feels quite light in the room. The actual burning scent isn’t as strong as the cold scent, but it does enough. Candy Corn makes me think of all things autumn and cosy nights in and I don’t ever want to stop burning it. Should have bought the big jar…

Yankee Witches Brew

The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell!
I wasn’t overly keen on this one when I first smelled it in a shop, but this little votive has a kind of liquorice/aniseed or something like that smell and actually I kind of love it. I don’t know what patchouli smells like, but the internet tells me it is minty. I definitely get this coming through and it’s like a spicy minty scent. It’s one that makes you think of dark nights, is a little bit spooky and definitely intoxicating. A witches brew completely. One for the Halloween party to get the atmosphere just right. Probably wouldn’t want to burn this candle any other time though – it feels more like a novelty.

Yankee Forbidden Apple

A seductive potion that takes apple—mixed with bergamot, black oak and vanilla noir—to someplace forbidden.
In the wrapper, you can already smell just how tangy and fruity this one is. It’s like you have a crisp green apple in your hand and you’ve just taken a big bite. I didn’t really get any vanilla coming through, but I’m not actually that great at recognising different scents to be honest. This is the only one that doesn’t really feel like Halloween for me. It’s a delicious scent – in that, it makes me want to eat apples – but it feels too bright, too airy. A little bit of spice in there would bring it right back down to Halloween. Forbidden Apple is a new one for this year, and it’s one that I can see being used all year round.

Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Yankee Candles |

I’m also on the creepy books in preparation for Halloween and have downloaded some horror story podcasts. It only comes round once a year, why not make the most of it? My main problem at the moment is the Halloween costume… What, oh what can I be?!


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