Creating An Inspiration Wall

I don’t know about you (I think I could probably be in the minority here actually) but most of the time when I’m blogging I am sat at my desk on my laptop. A place which can get very cluttered. I do try to keep my desk tidy but it doesn’t always happen. Having that little section that is always neat and looking good really helps.

Desk Inspirationjpg

I’ve started to pin my inspirational prints/photos/ideas in front of me to have that little bit of tidiness and constant. The thing is, I’ve been struggling lately to get online and have the ‘want’ to blog. It’s mostly because I’ve been working a lot, but I’ve also been prioritising my spare time into going to the gym/running and spending time out with friends (and watching the Olympics of course!) All good stuff obviously.

I’m just not feeling that pull to be online as much, so yeah, that’s why my social media and blog have probably looked a little neglected at times. I definitely feel like no posts are better than halfheartedly written ones and whilst I did get a little down about missing days out, I know it’s better for my blog in the long run. On a more positive note, I’ve been jotting down plenty of ideas in this time and I do have some ideas coming this way!

Finding that inspiration

There are many things that inspire me and help, and I decided to get my noticeboard back on my desk and to start ‘pinning’ the things that make me happy. I figured I’d do a little walk through and show what inspires me. It isn’t filled up yet but that’ll happen sooner or later! So, my must haves: motivational quotes and photos.

Is there anything better than a pretty quote? Nope. I do like this one. I picked up a few of these at a Gee Tees shop – you may have spotted similar ones on my blog/instagram photos!

Then I have a few photos that I had printed through Cheerz. There’s one of me on holiday doing the yoga crow pose – to remind me that if I’m struggling I can do pretty cool things. I may not be able to hold it properly at this moment in time, but I have been able to so of course I can get back to that. There’s a photo from my graduation with my parents, a reminder that I did graduate, I did well and I had the support of both of my parents completely. Then we have the three cats. My faves.

Next up on the board is a photograph of Sir Roger Bannister finishing a race. He ran the first sub-four-minute mile way back in 1954 and though he didn’t hold that record for very long (just 46 days!) I think he’s pretty cool. If you’re a regular here or on my twitter/instagram you’ll know that I like to run. My fastest mile according to my Garmin account is 06:59, so yeah… Basically this photo is just a reminder to keep pushing.

The last thing to see is my business cards. I haven’t really touched photography since leaving university. Not the wildlife photography that I developed a HUGE passion for over 4/5 years. I do not have a DSLR any more, but these are a reminder to just keep it going. Maybe not right now, but to always get back to that love.

How does this help with the blog?

Well, quite simply it just makes me happy to see them in front of me. If I like my surroundings, I’m more likely to be able to sit down and get my thoughts out. It makes me want to actually use my desk and it works for me! Anyway, I’ll be back to regular posting soon enough!

Do you have anything like this to inspire you?


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