5 Things I Wish I’d Done Whilst Visiting Split, Croatia

21st February 2018 3 min read

5 Things I Wish I’d Done Whilst Visiting Split, Croatia

21st February 2018 3 min read

5 Things I Wish I'd Done Whilst Visiting Split Croatia | Marjan Hill | awaywithkatie.com

When I travel, I love to plan ahead and figure out what I want to do. I love being able to organise my days. Last year I went to Croatia on a trip thanks to work, so I had no input at all in the whole planning of everything. This was great because I didn’t have to worry about the finer details, but it also meant I didn’t quite get to do some things that I really wanted to whilst visiting Split.

I’m used to travelling with my parents and we know what each of us wants out of a holiday now, so this was a whole new experience for me. I’m writing this as like a mini bucket list of things I want to do when I next visit Croatia… Because I will go back!

Climb Marjan Hill

One thing I love doing when travelling is to get out and explore. Like my favourite way is by running, but I also just love going off on a walk to find something new. I didn’t get the chance to do this whilst in Split, and as we were actually staying in Solin, it wasn’t as easy as just getting up early and disappearing like I usually do! It needed a taxi ride in there too.

It would have been nice to spend a bit of time in the more ‘wild’ side, compared to being in the city. You also get brilliant views of the city from the hill of course. However we did climb up up the bell tower, so still got views from above alongside the wonderful view of Marjan Hill you can see above. If I was staying in Split central, I would have definitely gone up there a couple of times!

5 Things I Wish I'd Done Whilst Visiting Split Croatia | Krka Waterfalls | awaywithkatie.com
Photo: SteenJepsen from Pixabay

Visit Krka National Park

The waterfalls here look absolutely incredible, and it just seems like such a gorgeous place to spend a day out. I think Croatia is well known for it’s historic cities and buildings, but there’s also such much wildlife and greenery about too. There are quite a few big parks like this, but I believe this is the closer one and you can swim in the first lake so that just sounds amazing.

Travel to the Nearest Islands

There are various little islands just off the mainland of Croatia and they’re an easy boat ride away for the most part. Islands like Hvar, Brač or Vis are some I’d like to see! They each have their own characteristics, and I just love how similar everywhere is, yet how each placec has it’s own quirks. Hvar is apparently quite touristy, whereas Brač will give you a bit more of an insight into authentic island life.

You can also do a bit of sailing tour over a week or so and visit various different islands that way – something I’m definitely looking into!

5 Things I Wish I'd Done Whilst Visiting Split Croatia | Fortress of Klis | awaywithkatie.com
Photo: KatarzynaTyl from Pixabay

Visit the Fortress of Klis

Being the big Game of Thrones fan that I am, I can’t believe we didn’t manage to get out to the Fortress of Klis! We just didn’t have time, but how amazing does it look? I think it’s really cool when you can visit different countries and see something that just looks so familiar to you because you’ve seen it so much within a story. Dubrovnik in Croatia is also high on the list thanks to the rest of the Game of Thrones scenes… Maybe someday eh?

Do A Sea Kayak Tour Or See The Blue Caves

Kayaking in the sea – count me in. I mean it sounds difficult yet also like such a great experience. Quite a few of the tours seem to include snorkeling, lounging on a beach and cliff diving. Perfect if you’ve got a little daredevil inside you.

The blue caves were on a lot of the touristy trip boards and they looked really cool. The blue hues come from the sunlight bouncing off the white limestone, and when you look at photos like these you just get that sudden urge to be there. It seems like you get to see a lot on these tours as they are pretty much a full day out, so it needs good planning.

Have you done any of these things whilst visiting Split?

5 Things I Wish I'd Done Whilst Visiting Split, Croatia | Because sometimes travel plans just don't go to plan! | awaywithkatie.com