Exploring Solin // Croatia Travels

When I travelled to Croatia, I didn’t actually plan it myself. None of it. So I didn’t really know where we were going properly, besides Split. Turns out we were staying in Solin. A little town just a few kilometres away from the centre of Split. So here’s what we discovered whilst exploring Solin on our trip.

Exploring Solin // Croatia Travels

I’ve been to a few different countries whilst travelling Europe but admittedly nowhere near as many as I’d like to. Croatia was never really on my list until I had the opportunity, and now I just want more of it!

Exploring Solin, Croatia

So if I’m being perfectly honest, Solin didn’t have too much to do, not from what we saw. But, that didn’t matter. When you’re going down to Split every other day it’s nice to just come back to the quiet little town and relax. The place itself was beautiful. A river running through, a pretty church and plenty of little streets, houses and parkland dotted about.

The bridges and river looked gorgeous, and we did see people dipping in the river either looking for fish or crabs or something I assume. I definitely had the urge to go paddle in that river though, it was so hot out! Also, I found it pretty funny to see a fruit stand with a little area of the river sectioned off for their watermelons. It makes sense, because warm watermelon isn’t great and the water would be doing a great job keeping them cool in the 30+ degree heat. Still funny though.

There were a few bars in what seemed like the centre and it was very much a locals area. We didn’t see many other tourists, and I think as British we really stood out. Not a bad thing as such but we did feel a little strange sitting out here. It’s like when you go to a little country village pub and all the locals turn and stare when you walk in. They know you don’t ‘belong’ here haha.

Exploring Solin // Croatia Travels

Exploring Solin // Croatia Travels

Exploring Solin // Croatia Travels

Exploring Solin // Croatia Travels

Exploring Solin // Croatia Travels

Staying At Hotel President Solin

We were staying at Hotel President Solin+++++. Yep. 5 star. No, I’m not sure how we got that either! The hotel was gorgeous, and the staff just couldn’t have been more helpful and lovely. The hotel itself was situated opposite to the church and we heard bells ringing all day/night. It was kind of cute, kind of annoying.

Weirdly though each day it came to around 8pm and the bells went on for longer than usual. All of a sudden there were kids and families everywhere on the grass. Playing, laughing, talking… It’s like they were just hiding from the sun all day and came out once it had set to have a bit of a play before bed. Strange. You can just about see them in the photo above.

The hotel itself was so beautiful. Two pools, no noisy/splashy kids, and lovely staff. They really couldn’t do enough for you. We got friendly with a few of them and really got to know them and the area we were in. It was great. The breakfast was a mixture of continental and cooked, and I just couldn’t get enough of the watermelon to be honest. And the tropical juice which really just tasted like pineapple. We got the tickets from a supplier at work, and I’m so grateful for work giving me the chance to come to Croatia! First and last time I’ll probably get to stay in a 5* hotel haha.

Watermelon & Pool

On our last night in Solin, Croatia was hit with horrendous wildfires. They were close to us, but not close enough that we were in danger. We could sure see all the fires on the hills though, and the resulting smoke as you can see below… Our hotel was used to transfer people who were staying in the area of the fires, and also to allow the firemen/police to sleep. They could only fight the fires so long before having to come away because the dark made it unsafe. They stayed in our hotel because it was close enough that they could get out quickly at first light! Amazing people. It was not nice to see though.


More to come from the Croatia trip! I think the city of Split needs it’s own post for sure, and also I’ll be writing about my first dance festival experience at Ultra! Keep an eye out for those in the next couple of weeks.

Ever been to Croatia?


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