4 Ways To Pick Yourself Up

It’s getting to that time of year again – the rain and cold appears, the nights get darker and early mornings are just generally awful. A cold room and darkness? I dread the days… I’ve been feeling tired lately because I’ve been working so much (last summer was a breeze!) and these are some of the things that help me to feel human again.


Go for a walk

Getting fresh air does wonders for the mind and body. If it’s nice out (which isn’t often, I admit) I love getting outside and walking or cycling. If you can find somewhere quiet with a walking trail, the absence of traffic and city/town noises make it super relaxing. When you do come across a person, they’ll probably be either walking a dog, running or on a quiet stroll themselves, and 9 times out of 10 they’ll be friendly and say hello as you cross paths.

Read Write

Read a good book or do a bit of writing

If I’m feeling down and don’t want to move far, picking up a good chick lit or YA book helps take my mind off things. Nothing better than getting lost in another world and characters. Do a re-read, find some free books on the kindle store, read a magazine, tackle that huge TBR shelf… Whatever you have at hand. Could just sit down and read some blogs!

Or you could jot down some blog post ideas and get a little writing done, do some journaling, create your own story. Basically, stuff that will take your mind off whatever is either hurting or worrying you. I actually tried my hand at a little painting and hand lettering the other day and it kept me occupied for a couple of hours!


Pamper Yourself

Who doesn’t like a nice, hot bath? LUSH seems the obvious choice here, but any bath bombs, soak, bubbles would do. My favourite thing at the moment though is to put a face mask on and settle down with a book whilst I wait for it to work its magic. Paint your nails, moisturise your skin, maybe even practise a few make up looks! You do you, and what makes you feel good. If you’re really wanting to be cheered up and don’t mind splashing some cash, book yourself in for a spa day! You wouldn’t regret it.

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill

And I mean in the literal sense… If all else fails, just settle back into bed and binge watch your favourite TV show. If you have a day off, do you even need to leave your bed? I recently downloaded the Netflix app onto my tablet so I can do just this – pick back up where I left off without having to even move. Current favourites are House, Stranger Things and random documentaries on fitness. If you’re interested, there’s a brilliant documentary on the Crossfit Games! Don’t forget the munchies…

How do you treat yourself?


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