10 Annoying Things Vegetarians Hear Everyday

So I’ve been vegetarian for a year and a half now (how has it been that long?!) and I’ve come across many reactions, questions and curiosity in that time… I figured I’d write a quick list of some of the daft and annoying things I’ve heard in this time! For the record – if you eat meat, that’s fine. Your choice, I’m not here to preach. It’s supposed to be funny ;)

10 Annoying Things Vegetarians Have to Deal With

#1 But where do you get your protein?

Why is it that no one cares about protein until you say you’re vegetarian/vegan? Do you know how many big/strong animals are herbivores? Plenty. I get my protein, do not worry.

10 Annoying Things Vegetarians Have to Deal With

#2 What about bacon?

And why is everyone obsessed with bacon? I never liked it anyway so no, I don’t miss it.

#3 So do you eat fish?

Fish are animals. So no, I don’t eat fish.

10 Annoying Things Vegetarians Have to Deal With

#4 What do you eat then?

Everything that isn’t meat? (Hint: most existing foods)

#5 There would be too many animals if we didn’t eat them.

Well I mean, considering these animals are bred to be eaten, we know that’s not true. Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens would not take over the world.

#6 I’d get bored of eating salad all the time.

Yeah, me too. That’s why I don’t eat salad all the time.

10 Annoying Things Vegetarians Have to Deal With

#7 You can treat yourself sometimes you know.

Dad, having some meat is not ‘treating’ myself. I don’t want to eat it.

#8 Get some meat on your bones! No wonder you’re so skinny!

Ugh no. I mean I have actually lost weight since cutting out meat, but I’ve always been slim. And I hate being called skinny. It just sounds unhealthy.

#9 You don’t know what you’re missing…

Well actually I have eaten meat before, and I know what I’m missing. Not much at all.

#10 But why?

Because I don’t like the thought and I never was a big meat-eater. Why does it matter?



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