6 Reasons to Exercise (Not including weightloss!)

24th July 2016 3 min read

6 Reasons to Exercise (Not including weightloss!)

24th July 2016 3 min read

Oh, exercise. The thing that most people love whilst they’re doing it, but hate finding the motivation or having the aches afterwards. I personally feel like not enough people have really experienced the benefits of regularly exercising, so I thought I’d share a few!

6 Reasons to Exercise (Not including weightloss!) | awaywithkatie.com

Now exercise – what does that include? I’m not saying you have to go join a gym or run a 5k right now. Exercise can include a range of activities, and even getting out to do a bit of walking counts – yes it does! I know that some things are not for everyone, but there will always be that one thing you find and enjoy. Running, weights, yoga, swimming, cycling, rowing, tennis, football, basketball, zumba, pilates, walking, dancing… The list is actually endless. Find something, try it out and keep your mind and body healthy!

#1 To De-Stress

Hard day at work? Or maybe a hard week at work? Do you just have family/friends killing your mojo? When you’re exercising, your body releases endorphins and these simply make you feel good. Exercising also provides a good distraction, because depending on what you choose to do your mind/body will have to focus on other things. For me, doing weights/resistance helps to take my mind off things when I feel worried or anxious, whereas doing a run allows me to properly think over things – both work for me at different times.

#2 Improve Memory Function and Mental Performance

Exercising stimulates the formation of new brain cells, and studies have found that it helps especially in memory and learning. This study found that exercise can help increase the hippocampus – which is responsible for all memory stuff. Physical activity improves cognitive performance, information processing and can even help to delay cognitive impairment and diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer! Plenty of studies around about this if you wanted to have a little search.

#3 To Sleep Better

Basically you are using up energy, so if you have particular troubles getting to sleep at night, this could help. They say to try not to exercise so close to bedtime (morning/afternoon is best because you could just end up feeling even more wired…) but I always find that an easy yoga routine before bed really helps me to settle down at night when I’m struggling. Restorative yoga routines especially!

#4 Strength and Posture

Exercising strengthens your bones, ligaments and muscles giving you an overall stronger body. Strengthening muscles in your back, abs and legs can really help with posture both in sitting and standing. But also, who doesn’t want to be stronger? Being able to pick up something heavy and seeing the disbelief in people’s faces? Just me?

#5 Its Good For Your Heart

Exercise can reduce your blood pressure, relieving stress on the heart, improves the heart muscle function and blood flow and can improve your insulin sensitivity. It can help to clear away clots in blood vessels, and studies show that those who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack. As you’re doing physical activity, more blood is being pumped around and more oxygen is getting into your organs. You’re not just keeping your muscles fit and strong, but you’re helping everything else in your body to work at its best.

#6 Confidence

And, last but not least, confidence. Exercising can help you to feel more accomplished, and it gives you something to work towards. When that hard work pays off, you’ll feel better about yourself as a whole. Any body changes should also make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. I think the saying goes – if you aren’t happy, do something about it. I think your whole mentality can change when you exercise, and that’s a good enough reason for me!

TL;DR – being active keeps your body working at it’s best, helps your brain/mind to improve/de-stress and can give you that confidence you need. Why not try something new eh?


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