Travel Instagrammers I’m Loving Right Now

The numerous travel hashtags are where I’m living right now on Instagram. Just love seeing all the amazing photos and places that people are visiting. It’s good for inspiration and it’s good for giving yourself motivation to get saving…


Photo from my Lanzarote travels!

Everyone always seem to be complaining about instagram and it honestly feels like we’re forgetting what it was actually for. To share our snaps. Like I do watch my numbers, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the be all end all of life. Lately I’ve been using instagram to stalk follow travellers. People visiting amazing places and pretty much living through them to make things seem more interesting.

I’ve always been into photography. I mean, I even studied it at college and university. I love having a good browse through instagram to see what’s happening in the world and right now, that means getting travel-envy. I love loads of travel bloggers, but here are just a few that I’ve been really loving this month!


Flying The Nest

These two are quite a recent discovery and I have pretty much been trawling through their website and videos for the past couple of weeks. They’re such a fun couple to watch, and they just seem so down to earth considering the amazing things they are getting to do.

The instagram accounts are strange, because although they are travelling together, the photos they are sharing are completely different. And I love that. It’s the best thing about instagram really, being able to experience something from the photographer’s eyes.

It’s weird isn’t it, the different things that people will pick out and save, or comment on. But yeah, I love these two mainly for their vlogs, but of course they post so many gorgeous photos too.

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Where’s Mollie

I think I discovered Mollie on Youtube to be honest, through all her Australia travel vlogs. She’s just so fun to watch, and has been to various amazing places. There are plenty of guides on her youtube, as well as random vlogs and such too. Definitely worth a look.

Now Mollies’s instagram is full of travel envy photographs, and I just want to visit every place she’s been to. Seriously, everything looks so beautiful and I like that she’s in a lot of the photos too – it keeps it more personal!

Mollie also shows a lot on her instastories, so you can keep up with her daily travels constantly. Always having a good time on there!

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Katie Lofblad

Katie’s travel photos are all so colourful and bright, I love seeing them on my feed. Just some of the angles and ways the photos have been taken really draw me in. If you go onto her feed, there’s one just a little further down of a gondola in Venice, and I just love it.

Lots of photos in Australia recently… You know that’s how I discovered this feed of course. Living for all travel photos of Australia right now – giving me the inspiration and push to keep saving up!

There’s also great content on her blog about travels and help/advice for travelling or moving away. Plenty to keep you occupied whilst you dream about that sunshine.

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Kristie Jean

These ones are definitely different in that they’re quite dark really compared to the others that I’ve shared. Obviously it depends on where you visit but most of Kristie’s photos are darker, and I love that!

I would describe it as quite a moody feel to the feed, but it makes some of the breathtaking views in the photographs stand out. I just love the general theme and style and colours on there. You know when you see photos and it just feels wild, and free, and really in nature? That’s how I feel looking at these!

Lots of trees and rivers and woodland, love it. I definitely want to travel to more places like this, with proper wilderness and not just pretty beaches! Nothing beats exploring the outdoors, right?

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So there we go, some of my current favourites! Have any recommendations?