Three Concerts in Three Days | Mcfly Anthology Manchester

When Mcfly announced the Anthology tour, and the fact that they would be doing every album spread across three nights, I didn’t think twice. The tickets were released on payday, and I was going to all three in Manchester. No question about it. I mean I’m just impressed I actually managed to get tickets, it sold out so quickly.

Three Concerts in Three Days | Mcfly Anthology Manchester |

Originally scheduled for June, the tour was cancelled due to Harry injuring his neck… Better for me because I could definitely book the new dates off. The previous were unconfirmed! It meant more waiting though, so when September finally arrived so did the excitement!

Three days on the run? Are we mad? Yes. Yes we are. These three days were tiring, and I was so sore afterwards. But would I do it again? Definitely. The love I have for this band is huge, and they are incredible live. They sound great, they’re entertaining and the crowd is always pumped.

Day 1: Happiness. Excitement.

It still hadn’t really hit me that I was going to Mcfly later that night. You know, I’m always watching Tom’s vlogs, Harry on snapchat and whatever, but I hadn’t seen them perform (ignoring McBusted) since 2012. 4 years ago! It had just been so long. When they appeared on stage it was just like ‘oh yeah, they are actually real people!’ But yeah, it was a great first night.

Day 2: Tired, soggy and cold. Achy. Frustrated.

Started the day off searching high and low for some nude heels and a matching bag. Eventually found some after a couple of hours. Then I met up with friends to go to the boys’ hotel. Yep. Well we arrived and had just missed them. We waited a few hours, gave up at around half 4 even though I’m pretty sure they would have arrived back at the hotel around 5ish. The rain kept appearing though and we needed food.

Then we discovered Rupert Grint was still in the same spot where others had met him so off we powerwalked there. Walked past Rupert, waited at the end of the filming area just watching. The sky went black and torrential rain appeared. After 5 or 10 minutes (or maybe it was 20?!) we ran into the car park round the corner, hoping it would stop and that Rupert would reappear. It didn’t, but he did. Stood a metre or so away from us and then was bundled into a van. No photo for us! Missed out on a Wetherspoons for this!

So we headed to safety, at Sarah’s work around 6pm. WE WERE SOAKED. White tops, shorts and very wet feet. By 7pm the rain had mostly stopped, we had eaten and as taxis had an hour wait we huddled under one umbrella and walked quickly down to Manchester Academy. Got in straight away and bought a tour top for £20 because I was so wet. Managed to find friends we’d left earlier in the day. All good.

Day 3: I’m too old for this.

Nah, not really! (okay maybe a little) On the Wednesday I was working up until 6 so just headed straight to the academy afterwards. I’d gotten to the point where I just couldn’t wait to get home and in bed. I mean I was so tired, and I wasn’t in the mood for pushing right to the front and getting boxed in, but I was still happy to be there. And it was another fab night. I’m so glad I did manage to see all three.

A quick edit of some of the songs I recorded from the three nights… enjoy!

Top Moments?

Bubble Wrap and I’ll Be Your Man – two of my faves. Oh I love those songs so much. Also hearing The Heart Never Lies on every night. Yep. Gets me every time. Meeting up with girls I haven’t seen in years (since the last Mcfly concerts probably?!) and just having such a good time. Hearing the boys in Mcfly just chatter on stage, messing up their own songs, calling each other… Oh, Tom’s cardigan on the first night when it must have been like 26 degrees or something. Let’s be honest though, Tom in a cardigan is always a highlight ha! And many, many other small moments.


So I started writing this post soon the weekend after these concerts. They have now done the whole tour… Well, this is a delayed post ha! Still wanted to do a little recap of everything because how else would I remember how amazing yet awful doing three concerts on the run is?!


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