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Travel. Oh Travel. I touched on working abroad in this post but I’d also just love to shove everything in a little backpack and head off into the unknown, whether that’s with a friend or alone. In fact, there’s nothing I’d like more than to just travel alone. I like my own company, and I like not having to do what others want to do. But a travel friend would be nice haha! Anyway, why do I want to travel? You’ll see why below…

Thinking About: Travel |

Doesn’t that photo just sum it up? Look at how beautiful this place is! The above is a film photograph that I took whilst in Turkey actually, near the Blue Lagoon and a very touristy area. You see, growing up, we went on holiday abroad a lot. My mum knows what she wants, and she wants sunshine, sunbathing and swimming. Not something you can really depend on getting in the UK… I’ve been to mainland Spain (many, many times), Lanzarote, Turkey, Malta (okay, I was younger than 4 here) and Tunisia. You’ll notice that they’re mostly in the same area of the world, and yes, they have all been holiday resorts and tourist traps.

I know I’m lucky to have had these experiences and I definitely appreciate them, but I just want more. I want to explore the hidden parts of theses countries. I want to properly see different cultures and places. Get off the beaten track. I managed to get a little hint of this when I went to Finland in my second year of university. We slept in hides, we walked through snow and woodlands, we struggled up their weirdly tall trains with our heavy suitcases as we headed further up North – close to the Arctic Circle. We tried new foods – including reindeer. But most of all, we were alone without any package holiday help to rely on.

In college and university I also managed to get out to Venice and Paris, and whilst those trips were very much educational ones, they gave me plenty of time to explore. Every night, wandering the many streets of Venice. Cute little shops on every corner, filled with glass ornaments and those pretty masks. Finding a new place to eat in, eating copious amounts of spaghetti and pizza, trying the random flavours of ice cream and the little cakes. Heading back to the hotel in the dark – trying to remember the exact route back. Then in Paris… Doing the usual – seeing the Eiffel Tower, going into the Louvre, looking around the Christmas markets. But also, finding hidden little bookshops, reading messages on the love locks, navigating the RER from Paris to Versailles, sitting in gorgeous little coffee shops.

I want to travel for these little moments. The ones where you’re fully immersed in the local culture, and you feel completely at home. Whilst I don’t feel like I’ve travelled very far myself for my liking, I have a ton of memories. I’m one of those who will keep random bits and bobs from my trips… And I had a quick look to see what I could find in my box of treasures!

Thinking About: Travel |

Starting from the left, I have a wooden boomerang type ornament from Lanzarote. I bought it because it was pretty, and just something that I could keep to remind me. The top two polaroids are from Turkey – the first is our view of the sunset from the balcony, and the second in the blue lagoon. Underneath those is a map and information of our hotel in Venice – handy in case you get lost in the winding streets! Then I have my Eiffel Tower ticket, a metro ticket and a polaroid of the gardens in Versailles Palace. That little mugshot is my ID card from a holiday in Benidorm – from 1997! How do I still have this? I honestly do not know. Below that is a wooden bracelet that I got when I was on a holiday with my family and cousins in Spain sometime. Can’t get that over my hand now!

Above and next to the notebook, I’ve got some rocks. I picked these up from Wales when I last went… They were pretty. I can remember looking in the stones for fossils with my dad, because that area of Wales was supposedly good for them. We didn’t find any – but I can remember it clearly. The Finland badge, postcard and Arctic circle knife are all from Finland – obviously. And then the shells are from Lanzarote as well. I picked them up when we visited Puerto Calero. There wasn’t much to do there, but I can remember spotting this amazing little shop that was filled with shells, rocks and a variety of items made from natural substances.

This is just a small selection, but oh just looking at them reminds me of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. I want to go travelling to make more memories like this. Memories that I can’t get just by staying in sunny boring old Wigan. If I had the money, I’d be on a plane tomorrow.

Would you?


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