Currently Tasting #2

28th July 2016 3 min read

Currently Tasting #2

28th July 2016 3 min read

I’ve tried quite a few new things since I wrote my last Currrently Tasting – not all good haha! I have to admit, this one isn’t really a very healthy one overall, but hey new foods! There’s a bit of a mixture here, but they do mostly all relate to healthy eating… Or getting protein in. If you have any suggestions of things I should try, please let me know! I need to broaden my diet.

Tofu & Protein Cookies

Cauldron Tofu & Protein cookies

Tofu: not completely sold on it. I fried this with some veg and noddles in a teriyaki sauce, and maybe I cooked it too much (probably) but I didn’t really like the texture. The taste too was weird – like, really woody/soil like. It doesn’t make sense, but I can’t think of how else to describe it!

Protein cookies: Another disappointment. I got the White Choc Macadamia and Choc Caramel Chunk from The Protein Works and I just expected a little more. They actually tasted really powdery and sort of like sweet. The dark chocolate one definitely tasted of chocolate, but I couldn’t get past the powdery taste. I had a couple of bites of each one and that was enough! I feel like I should add that the proportions in the photo are not correct… The cookies really weren’t that huge compared to the tofu box – it’s just two photos badly placed together.

Weight Watchers Dessert

Weight watchers desserts*

I was sent a couple of vouchers for these, and I was actually really looking forward to trying them. I’m not a massive ice cream fan to be honest, but my mum and auntie are and I knew they’d love to help me try these! Weight Watchers desserts boast a low calorie and low fat recipe, which makes these feel a little healthier. The sundaes are worth 3 pro points on weight watchers, and the swirl pots 2. For me, to have something that’s a little healthier but still a treat makes these worth a buy even if you’re not following the diet.

Toffee & Honeycomb Sundaes

I had a bite of this one, but my mum and auntie both had the full sundaes. I thought it was really creamy, and the toffee sauce and honeycomb pieces added a nice chewiness – I really liked the small honeycomb bits! My mum said that you wouldn’t think it was low fat and a healthier ice cream dessert. Her only downside was that there wasn’t enough! (Not sure it’d be as weight watchers friendly with more haha!)

Chocolate Honeycomb Swirl

Really chocolatey and creamy! For me this was the perfect portion. It definitely felt moreish, but I was also satisfied afterwards. The chocolate swirl in the middle of the ice cream was really rich, and it also had those chewy honeycomb pieces mixed in. I really liked the honeycomb…

Toffee Fudge Swirl

Ooh now this one had a really strong flavour! The toffee was rich and creamy, and definitely felt like an indulgence. For me a few spoonfuls was plenty, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth for ice cream treats you’ll love this one. I’m more of a savoury or fruity person to be honest with my desserts!

Weight Watchers Dessert Trio


Limited edition Pringles

Okay so yeah, these are an unhealthy snack. No denying that! But I couldn’t resist when I saw the flavours, and just had to try them. The Spicy Chilli Samba ones have a real kick to them! My lips were tingling! They’re full of flavour though, and not the kind of spice that gets rid of all other tastes and senses. I feel like these really need a salsa or guac dip to go with them – I couldn’t just eat half a pack like I can with the BBQ flavour. The Brazilian Salsa ones though… Now brace yourselves here! They taste like dominos pizza. Not even kidding. Even my brother was amazed. Kind of sweet, definitely tomato-y with a little bit of a twang in there. Heaven in a tube. Definitely recommend these flavours – they’d go really well together mixed in a bowl.

So that’s what I’m currently tasting… Have you tried anything new lately?


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