Race Recap: 5 Mile Wigan Bike Ride

7th July 2017 3 min read

Race Recap: 5 Mile Wigan Bike Ride

7th July 2017 3 min read

So far this year (minus January) I’ve done a race each month. Since I’m away so much throughout July I was struggling to find a race that I could run on the few weekends I had free! That’s when I realised that the Wigan Bike Ride was happening right at the beginning of the month, and was something I could do!


The Wigan Bike Ride is a new event for this year, with it mainly being a 50 mile ride. I didn’t do the 50 miles simply because I rarely cycle, and just didn’t have time to train for that. Instead I stuck to the 5 mile family ride, and yes, did it alone. My dad was actually going to join me, but he works nights and was unfortunately working the Saturday night and so only got home 7am Sunday morning.

The event has been created as part of the Joining Jack charity, aiming to raise money for research into finding a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Jack is the son of an ex-rugby player, and a Wigan one at that, so this charity is probably the biggest we’ve got in the town in relation to sporting events. They also do the Wigan 10k and the Wigan Half Marathon (which was also new this year!) and I love that we’ve started to get a lot more sporting events in my home town and using them to raise money for goodness.

The family ride was open to anyone aged 5 and above, so there was a great mixture of people taking part. A lot of families with young kids and even grandparents. I saw a little one on stabilisers – how’s that for determination eh? Have to say, I didn’t really see many around my age! Not even doing the 50 miler. It was great anyway to see so many young kids out on their bikes, enjoying the sunshine and getting fresh air. They seemed to be really loving it out there. Even if quite a few did race past me…


We were on closed roads so it was absolutely safe for the younger ones and it also made me feel a little more comfortable! I’ve discovered that I really do love cycling, but riding on roads with cars just worries me. I mean I know the road rules so I’m sure I’d be fine but it’s just always that thought there. I do need to just suck it up and get out there a bit more though I think. I’d love to try the 50 mile ride next year as I’m sure this event will return, so watch this space… Maybe cycling will start to appear!


Overall a great event and with 670 riders, I think it was, a great turn out for the first one. I believe the majority of those did the 50 miles too! I could definitely have done more than the 5 miles, but I wouldn’t have managed the full 50 due to the lack of training. I’m glad I took part though, and that’s another sporting race/event to tick of for 2017! Number 6 done.

Done anything like this before? Any tips for road cycling?



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