How to Keep Running After Completing a Race

I seem to have this problem, whereby after any race I complete I will just stop running. It happened after my first 10k, and it happened after my second. I’ve had breaks of nearly a year after completing a race! Here’s what’s different this time.

How to Keep Running After Completing a Race |

I don’t really know why I just seem to give up – maybe it’s the tiredness from really pushing myself in those last few weeks leading up to a race? It just seems like I’ll run a good race, achieve a personal best and then take a break. A break that turns into just a full on stop to running. I was determined that it wouldn’t happen this time. So how can you avoid this? It was something that stayed on my mind and these are the solutions I came up with for myself.

Take a rest day or two, but then get right back into running

It doesn’t have to be a hard run. Take it easy. Two days after my 10k I was in Wales. I knew the beach was close, so I just took myself on an easy morning run there and back – totalling around 1.5km altogether. Not far at all, but something. It felt good to be out there on my feet and I just enjoyed it. Running along the beach and through quiet woodlands definitely helps though…

Look ahead to other races

Okay so this may not work for everyone, but for me knowing that I have something to work for pushes me. I’m thinking about attempting a half marathon in March. That’s six months away, so I don’t need to be hardcore training at the moment. I don’t want to push myself too much too soon, but knowing that it is only six months away motivates me to keep my running up. I don’t want to feel rushed when the time comes – I want to have that base fitness (and more!) way ahead of the ‘official’ start of training in the lead up.

Grab a friend or join a club

I don’t have any friends who like to run *sob* but I am thinking about joining a club soon. That’s if I pass my driving test… Having someone there just helps keep motivation up. You’re relying on them to turn up, they’re relying on you and it just helps you both to stick to it. Plus you’ve then got someone to moan and talk to about sore feet, bad runs, latest gym gear etc.

How to Keep Running After Completing a Race |

At the end of the day, you can only carry it on if you’re enjoying it. Motivation to get out and run may be a struggle sometimes, but I know that I always feel better afterwards. Running is good for my mind, my health and my sanity, so it’s something I want to work at and keep going.

What keeps you going?


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