Easy Ways to Add Protein Powder into Your Diet

8th September 2018 3 min read

Easy Ways to Add Protein Powder into Your Diet

8th September 2018 3 min read

This post has been written in collaboration with Scitec Nutrition.

Scitec Nutrition Plant Protein Powder

I’ve always gone through phases of using protein powders. They’re not something that are absolutely necessary when working out often, but they can be an easy way to bulk up your meals with protein. 

After running long distances, I really struggle to eat food for a good few hours. I don’t know why, because I should be hungry. But I never am. Being able to grab some protein powder and make a quick shake gives me something without feeling like I’m eating.

I was sent this Scitec Nutrition protein powder to try out, and was given the plant protein after having said how much whey disagrees with me. Now I’ve had bad experience with pea protein before, but that was because I bought a plain one and tried to flavour it myself. I can confirm, that was not a good idea.

This tub is Chocolate Praline flavour and it is nothing like the ones I’ve tried before! As for the nutrition information, this one has 21g of protein per serving, 1.3g fats, 1.5g carb and 102 calories. Sounds pretty good to me!

Protein Powder in Shaker

Simple Protein Shake

So the very basic. Grab some powder, add it to liquid, shake and voila. Easy protein on the go. 

It can be hard to find a protein powder that really tastes good in this way as there’s definitely a bit of a taste that you have to get used to. I would also advise completely to get a protein shaker that comes with one of those wire balls, or just buy some wire balls. They really help to mix everything up. 

This chocolate praline flavour mixed with almond milk is the most delicious protein shake I’ve ever tried. It’s still palatable with water, but I much prefer it with the milk and would still only use water as a last resort.

Breakfast Protein Shake

Similar to above, but a little more pimped out. I always make these up as I go along, but they have the basis of frozen banana, protein powder, almond milk, oats, cacao (if the protein powder isn’t chocolatey enough!) and sometimes a dash of biscoff spread all blended up. It creates a thick milkshake type drink and it quite filling because of the oats. 

You could create anything really to your taste, and it’s a little more exciting than the simple shake. I like a nice bit of chocolate.

Pancakes made ith protein powder

Protein Pancakes

Another breakfast item, but really they work at all times of day. There are hundreds and hundreds of protein pancake recipes online. Some include banana, some include oats, some even include cottage cheese.

If I’m being honest, I still haven’t found a recipe that I can re-create and really enjoy the taste. The ones I made above were okay, but I probably wouldn’t use that recipe again! So I’d love to link you to one, but I’m still on that hunt myself.

I used the Scitec Nutrition powder in these, and you can see it’s made them quite dark thanks to the chocolate flavouring. You could definitely create savoury style pancakes though by using a different flavour of protein – probably plain or vanilla would do.

Muffins made with protein powder

Baked Treats

If you like a good cake of cookie, this one is for you! Most recipes can be altered to add in protein powder. Most common I see are probably little muffins, and again these can work for breakfast or just for random snacks throughout the day. 

I used this Banana Nutella Muffin recipe for the ones above, though I did have to substitute a few things, and also made half with biscoff spread instead of just nutella. They were tasty and you wouldn’t even think they had the protein powder in them – my mum and brother kept digging in.

Other ideas include brownies, cookies, protein balls, flapjacks and protein bars. And I guess much, much more!

Do you use protein powder? Let me know your favourite ways to use it!