5 Ways To Find Running Inspiration And Get Motivated

29th May 2017 2 min read

5 Ways To Find Running Inspiration And Get Motivated

29th May 2017 2 min read

They always say the hardest bit about getting fit or keeping to a new routine is finding the motivation, and keeping it up. Once you’re in a routine it’s easy, but yeah, just getting to the point can be difficult.

5 Ways To Find Running Inspiration And Get Motivated

Read Running Magazines

One of the easiest ways to get inspiration I think. I have a subscription to Women’s Running, but I also buy Runner’s World on occasion. I think Women’s Running especially is getting better and better. There are so many stories from ‘real’ people, articles written by runners who are either just running for themselves or running to train for something. There’s tips and advice, with training plans and nutrition advice. The good thing about running magazines now is that they definitely don’t feel preachy or like they are advocating bad health decisions to get ‘beach ready’ or to ‘lose that tum’. It’s very much about your health, strength and just training to get better.

Join In Twitter Chats – UKRunChat

I’m sure there’s plenty more, but UKRunChat is the main one I know of and use. People of all ages, fitness and distance use this chat and it’s always great to get involved. Need a few questions answering? This is my go to. So many seasoned runners there to help, and it’s true, the running community really is a helpful one.

Find Other Runners On Instagram

If you didn’t know already, I have a separate account that focuses a lot more on fitness (@runliftkt sneaky promo haha) and that’s where I get all my inspiration. I follow quite a few runners on there, including @thisgirlcanrunfar, @shoulder_runner, @thewelshrunner and @emajoyc to name a few! But yeah, it’s always good to just see other people training, and the park run hashtag has a lot of inspirational people.

5 Ways To Find Running Inspiration And Get Motivated

Listen To Podcasts

This is one that I don’t do a lot of admittedly, but it’s quite often my commute home entertainment. (Radio X with Chris Moyles is my go-to morning entertainment ha!) But yeah, these are a few I do listen to and they’re usually either sharing stories from races, personal journeys through interviews, running/health tips or just random chatter. I don’t listen to every podcast from the ones that I follow, but just look at the description and see what’s going on.

Watch Fitness Vloggers

I’m adding this in because I know it can be super helpful. I tend to just find random vlogs (like all the London Marathon ones!) and watch them rather than following anyone in particular. If you have any recommendations, let me know! As a general fitness vlogger, I do love NaturallyStefanie who really focuses on lifting! But yeah, search running and I’m sure you’ll find loads.

Any other things for motivation or inspiration?


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