14 Races To Tick Off The Bucket List

30th March 2017 3 min read

14 Races To Tick Off The Bucket List

30th March 2017 3 min read

Not gonna lie, I mostly enjoy doing races for the medal afterwards. And the sense of achievement, I guess. They’re always fun and it’s great to see the variety of people that turn up. It’s also great doing a run in a new place and seeing new things! I keep spotting races that sound awesome, so here’s a little race bucket list of ones I’d love to do!

Tough Mudder | Race Bucket List
Photo: Gameface Media. Thanks to Jodi from Tough Mudder for sending!

Tough Mudder

If you’ve never heard of Tough Mudder before (have you been living under a rock?!) it is basically just an obstacle course. Except it’s pretty tough. And muddy. Currently I’m pretty sure I’d have the stamina, but I don’t have the upper body strength that would be really useful with this race… I really want to do one though!

Race For Life Pretty Muddy

In the same vein as above, I’d love to do the Race For Life Pretty Muddy. Similar to the Tough Mudder, only a lot easier I imagine! I haven’t been able to do this yet because of the dates and being busy each year, but I will get to one eventually!

Paris Half | Race Bucket List
Photo: Jon Furniss. Disneyland Paris Press

The Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

Who wouldn’t want to run through Disneyland Paris, let’s be serious now. Imagine running through the streets of Disney, passing the castle and knowing that the characters are dotted about to see as your run progresses. It just sounds like a dream, and I’d get to run through gorgeous countryside too. I’d love to try the American ones too, but let’s hit Paris first eh? There is a medal that you can get for doing both the US and Paris halves in one year!

The Great Wall Marathon

Because how amazing would it be to run along the Great Wall of China? Plus there’s the option of shorter distances, like a half or 8.5k. I’ve always wanted to see the Great Wall though, and it makes sense to get both things done in one. Obviously. Will it ever happen? Who knows.

Lanzarote Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K

I’ve been to Lanzarote twice, and I took my running shoes the second time so I could go explore. I loved running along the coastline and finding new places and I think I’d like to go back to complete an organised race. It’s a lovely country and hey, I could gorge on a delicious Paella afterwards. What’s not to love about that?

Midnight Sun | Race Bucket List
Photo: Truls Tiller. Thanks to Midnight Sun Marathon for sending!

Midnight Sun Marathon

This takes place in Norway, starting in the evening time. Yes, that photo above was taken at NIGHT TIME. Amazing right?! The time of year it takes place means that the sun doesn’t fully set, so I’d be running at night time but in ‘daylight’! They have a 10k and half-marathon distance which is more likely to be the ones I’d choose, rather than marathon. Cool right? I’d also just love to visit Norway so you know, killing two birds with one stone and that.

London, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York & Tokyo Marathons

The World Marathon Majors. Is this ever going to happen? I’d say more unlikely than likely but hey, it’s up there. London and Boston are the ones I’d like to do the most – Boston even more so after watching Patriot’s Day recently. It just seems like an amazing place, with super supportive residents and a great outlook on life. But yeah, I’d really love to hit the 6… Just look at the finisher medal!

Race The Train

I only discovered this quite recently, but Race The Train sounds like a stunning run. You’re ‘racing’ a steam train and running through glorious countryside. There’s a 14 miles, 10km, 5.5 miles or 3.5 miles. It’s based in Wales so you know you’re gonna get some brilliant views along the way!

Great North Run

The Great North Run is just one of those that everyone seems to want to do. It’s the largest half marathon in the world. That’s pretty exciting right? I can’t even add anything else to this, I just know I want to do it.

So that’s my (provisional) list. A lot of marathons in there…
Right now that distance terrifies me haha! What’s on your race bucket list?


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