10k training, life and a cute cat.

It’s Thursday, and that usually signifies a fitness or food related post. I feel like I’ve been really busy lately, so I figured I’d sit down and do a little bit of a life update to tell you guys what I’ve been up to. I’m definitely welcoming the sunny couple of days we’ve had!



The important bit! I’ve been training for my upcoming 10k, and honestly I’m pretty proud of myself and my commitment over this past month. I’m in my fourth week now and have managed to consistently run three times per week so far. That includes normal 30 minute runs, some interval sessions and one long run per week, with each one increasing in length. I’ve been going off minutes rather than distance, as the idea really is to keep on your feet for a certain amount of time. I didn’t want to aim for something and end up doing too much too fast, hurting my shins and then not being able to run properly when the time comes.

My first long run was 41:26 minutes, and I managed 6.37km. Then I did 51:10 minutes and 7.63km, and finally 66:54 minutes and 10.01km. I’d only planned to do 60 minutes but then I knew I was just 6 minutes away from the 10km so carried on. That’s 5 minutes slower than my previous 10k PB at the Great Manchester Run but I’m not disappointed at all. I’ve got 10 days to get it down!

I thought it would be difficult to fit the runs in with work, and because I don’t particularly like going to the gym to run – I’d rather be outside. A couple of times I’ve done these runs on a Thursday evening though, after only getting in work after 7. I may have been eating my tea around 9pm, but I did it!


So for one I’ve been busy with work. Still doing 6 days per week, still on totally random hours. I’m counting down the days until the kids go back to school – give us a bit of a break before the Christmas period starts! (Yes, sorry I just said the C word) To be honest, whilst it’s tiring I do enjoy my job mostly.

Well, I enjoy working with the people I work with. Also had a lot of social plans this month – seeing films, pub quizzes, bingo, nights out – and that’s why I feel like I haven’t stopped! Like this week’s timetable: Bingo on Monday, watching Lights Out Thursday, family party on Friday, work night out Sunday. Where did that social life come from? Haha.

It’s been nice to spend time with people outside of work though. Whilst I’ve been busy, I haven’t really had much time to put a lot of effort into the blog. It feels kind of freeing actually not worrying so much about getting things posted on set days and making new content. I love this blog, I love the blogging community and this isn’t me stopping. I’m just slowing down a little and actually enjoying life outside of the internet. Who’d a thought it eh? Don’t worry, when work slows down I’ll be back to spending most of my free time on here.


I couldn’t not use this photo. I don’t really have anything to say about cats, other than isn’t Charlie the cutest? She’s been spending a lot of time near me lately actually. Sitting with me in the living room, staying close when in the garden, coming to say hello…

The photo above is an attempt at recreating THIS one I took 5 years ago. Apparently 5 years is a long time. A long time in which Charlie has either gotten too fat, too old or too lazy to stand on her back legs. There’s also another shot on my Twitter header so go check that out too ;)

Well, this turned out longer than I was expecting it to. Bit of a ramble about my life currently. Anyone else feeling busy in these summer holidays, or just me?


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