Yoga – The #100 Day Project 5/5

Here’s the fifth part of my #100dayproject! I posted about #The100DayProject here.

You can view part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here and part 4 here!

I did it! 100 days of yoga poses complete! I’m so impressed with myself…

This challenge has been easier than I thought it would (I mean, I actually finished!) yet it has been difficult at times. Doing a different pose each day, and trying not to repeat them too often is hard. I’m still not very flexible in my hips/legs/back so I do still find many yoga poses difficult – though there’s always time to improve on those! I’ve definitely improved in a lot of poses though. Camel, squat, chaturanga, forearm/handstands and pigeon to name a few. I’ve gotten stronger (though this was probably mostly due to the circuit gym classes!) and I feel more confident in my yoga practise. Nowhere near perfect yet, but I’m making my way there!


Whilst I won’t be posting daily yoga poses on my instagram any more, I will still upload them every now and then. You’ll also see yoga on my blog again, just to give little updates of where I’m at. I find that it’s really helpful to take photos and note things down. You can then look back and compare to see just how you’ve improved.

Once I’ve got a gym membership, I’m hoping to get into some classes so I have a ‘properly’ structured class to stick to as that’s something I still struggle with. I really enjoyed the BodyBalance classes at my last gym, and according to a google search, this is a Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout. The movements and different components to this exercise really worked for me, and I think I’d definitely prefer something similar to this rather than straight yoga. I had more fun!

All in all, #the100dayproject has been a great experience, and I’m so glad I managed to finish it. Now it’s time to get back into properly exercising again (seeing as I’ve dropped off this past month!) and I’m going to get back to running. Let’s get back on this fitness train!

You can check out my #The100DayProject on instagram at @katehlouise or by searching the tag #100DaysOfYogaWithKatie

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