Wilko bargains!

On Saturday, I had nipped in to Wilkinsons to look at wallpaper. As I said in earlier posts, I’ll be decorating my bedroom soon, and I’ve been looking for ‘tree’ wallpaper!

Anyway, I saw a sign in the window that mentioned new stationery sets so I decided to have a look. They’re nice, but not my favourites! I happened to discover sale items, and well, I bought four folder type things for 10p each! I spent a grand total of 40p on all this below!

So the one on the left is a document folder, and the one on the right is a document wallet. The left one is like a box, so it will hold quite a few papers in it! The other is more for small amounts of paper!

This was so cute I couldn’t pass it up! (And I bought two!) These aren’t sold any more, but have a look here as similar items can be found!

I love the different designs!

So if you have a Wilkinsons near you, I would strongly advise you go check it out quickly! New season designs means the older ones are being sold very cheaply!