Why I Enjoyed Reading the Cursed Child Script [No Spoilers!]

July 31st brought something that us Potter fans have been wanting for years – more from the magical world. I’ve seen a lot of reactions in this time about Cursed Child from love, to hate to eh, it was so-so. I’d place myself in the first group, definitely, and here’s why:

Why I Enjoyed Reading the Cursed Child Script | awaywithkatie.com

I was completely in two minds about reading Cursed Child. On the one hand, I REALLY wanted to see the actual play first. That’s how the story was supposed to be told. But then I very quickly realised that there was no chance I’d make it until next year before hearing a spoiler, and also that I just couldn’t wait that long. People who have been to the play have been very good at keeping the secret but when the script was released I was seeing small comments about the story line. I still haven’t seen any actual spoilers (though I have read it now!) but you know, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

It isn’t J.K. Rowling or Harry Potter as we know it

This seems odd as a good reason, but let me explain here… Yes, to have J.K. Rowling write a full 8th Harry Potter novel would be brilliant. Bloody brilliant. But that’s not what this was. She didn’t write Cursed Child – Jack Thorne did. Rowling may have had input, but you know, it wasn’t completely hers like the novels are. I feel like a lot of people expected too much of the script. Imagining it like another novel when it’s nothing like that. That’s the problem with reading a script – you do need to see the play to really get a feel of the atmosphere. This was a completely new take on the whole world that we’re used to, and of course some things aren’t as you might have imagined when you read the ‘Nineteen Years Later’ chapter in Deathly Hallows. So many people didn’t even like J.K. Rowling giving us that future insight!

Mugglenet published an article and it’s what inspired me to write about why I enjoyed Cursed Child too… But this quote in particular is worth a mention: “Is it really all that different from A Very Potter Musical? AVPM was a derivative work, using already existing characters and storylines to induce laughs from an audience, and Harry Potter fans ate it up.”

We were taken back to the magical world and Hogwarts

I will take more Potter in any way, shape or form. I think I’m pretty easy going really, and if J.K. Rowling never added anything to the Potter world, I’d be perfectly happy for more stuff like Cursed Child to be published. Fanfiction was a word I heard thrown out a lot. Well, I like fanfiction. It was someone else’s interpretation of how the magical world may be after the books were set, and I liked it.

The Characters Had So Much Banter

Ugh, banter. I actually really don’t like that word – but how else do you describe it?! (If anyone can give me a better word I will change it…) Seriously though, they were funny and I guess the advantages of having it as a script is that you really can picture the conversation. It’s a lot less formal than that of a novel, and I could just imagine it perfectly as though it was me and my friends. So many jokes and funny lines. I also liked that book references kept slipping in. I had a really good giggle throughout this script, and I can’t wait to see the actors live on stage to really see that chemistry.

Let’s Talk About the Cursed Child Plot Holes

Yeah okay, there are plenty of plot holes. Some major, some that only those who’d read the books over and over and completely obsessed over Harry Potter would notice (most of us then?) and yeah, a lot of things didn’t or shouldn’t add up. Does it matter? The play is just an extension to the world, and someone else’s interpretation. If this was the actual 8th book, then I’d have a huge problem with these plot holes. As it isn’t, I couldn’t care less. That’s just my opinion, and I guess for some it’s hard to accept problems within the story line and wanting it to be ‘just right’. Apparently J.K. Rowling tweeted about viewing it as canon. I say don’t listen to that. (Sorry Jo!)

I actually want to read through it again, and I’m sure I will. I’ve managed to snag tickets for the play in July ’17 and I’m so excited now.

My advice? If you haven’t read it yet, go in with no expectations and accept it as ‘what if’ and not ‘what is’.


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