What’s Coming Up on Life of Kitty?

6th January 2016 3 min read

What’s Coming Up on Life of Kitty?

6th January 2016 3 min read

Who’s noticed the changes of Life of Kitty? I’ve been wanting a new ‘theme’ and layout for ages now, and over Christmas I finally found one that I liked and have been working on it behind the scenes since then. HTML is something I want to be more comfortable with, and I think I’m getting there. I spent many hours of frustration over certain things, but of course, google is always there… Anyway, it hasn’t really changed that much – just become a little more streamlined I think. With the start of a new year I’m taking another look at my content, and the answers that you guys have given me in my reader survey!

Changes // life of kitty

+ A lot of you find out about new posts from my Twitter, which is something I wasn’t expecting. I’m glad that my tweets are getting the posts out, and I guess this just confirms the idea that I really need to do it more regularly!

+ Another unexpected discovery was that viewing from desktop or mobile/tablet was close in numbers. As a desktop reader myself (not really a fan of mobile web pages!) I was surprised that so many read from mobile/tablet. Of course it makes sense, given that it’s easy to read on the go and especially if found through twitter. Thankfully, I do have a responsive layout, but making sure it looks good on mobile is high on the list now!

+ Favourite posts stood out as lifestyle, food and health/fitness. This doesn’t surprise me really.

+ You guys want more general lifestyle and it was the highest result by far! I definitely want to include more lifestyle, but I need to do more interesting things – like taking more day trips. Honestly, nothing much happens in my life (when not working, i’m either at the gym or at home!) so this is actually something I’ve been wanting to change this year. I need more excitement in my life! Hopefully, you’ll get to see more of me and what I enjoy on a daily basis.

+ There was almost a unanimous yes for more fitness and this makes me happy. It’s not something that I will post about very often, probably around twice a month maybe depending on what is happening, but I will definitely be including more of it. Since starting Life of Kitty, my interests have changed, and my blog needs to change with that.

+ There’s a lot of love for all things stationery/filofax/planning/organisation related. I have neglected that topic since finishing University really, but it’s something that I am still interested in and I do still use my Filofax every day, so expect more on that to come.

+ And lastly, I just want to say a huge thank you to the person who left that lovely comment about my writing and skills improving – definitely left a smile on my face!

In the last few months of 2015, I tried a new schedule of sorts and it worked quite well for me. Books on Tuesday, Food/Fitness on Thursday, Help/Creative on Saturday and General Life on Sunday. I’m going to stick with that schedule, but add in stationery/filofax related posts to the Tuesday. Books weren’t too popular in the survey, so whilst I will do the odd review here and there, I won’t be writing much: Tuesdays will primarily focus on the planning/organisation side for now. As I touched on above, I can see in the survey that this is wanted so do not fret, you will get more!

So that’s what you can expect from 2016. More lifestyle posts, more fitness, and getting back to my blogging roots with more on stationery and planning. Hope you like the new design, and if something isn’t working for you please let me know! As of now, everything looks fine on my browser, but I know things look a little different when I use Firefox. The next few weeks will be a test to see how everything is working. I’m looking forward to really getting into 2016!