Weird Places the Cat Likes to Sleep #1

Everyone loves a bit of cat spam right? So right now we have two cats in the house, and as anyone with cats will know, they do like to sleep in some odd places. We looked after my sister’s cat for a couple of weeks, and one day she just vanished. 5 or 6 hours later, I found her. Under my set of drawers, in the tiniest gap she could have been. Ignored all the panicked shouting, just slept comfortably under there. Yep. That’s cats for you. I have so many photos of the cats sleeping in odd positions (mainly JD) that I figured I’d share some for your enjoyment. I apologise in advance for some of the horrible camera quality you are about to witness.

Weird Places the Cat Likes to Sleep #1 |

So last year we sort of adopted a cat. Well, he’s my cousin’s and has been living with us much to Charlie’s disappointment. Now JD is completely different to Charlie. She liked to sit with me fairly occasionally, but you definitely feel like you’ve earned it with her. JD just plonks himself on you, no matter where you are or what you are doing. He’s the star of this post.

Yep, there he is sleeping with the tortoise. In his defence, all three cats have done this at some point. The light is warm, I totally get it. And George doesn’t mind. JD’s favourite place to sleep though is on someone’s knee. Or body. Basically just wherever he can fit on any given human. It’s not comfortable unless you’re snuggling right?

Most of the time it’s cute, but others it can get annoying. The thing is, he seems to be able to sleep in any position. The first one looks comfy, sure, but I didn’t appreciate his backside being pointed towards me… The second is odd. He stretched, and just stayed like that. He quite likes to rest his paw on my chest actually. I’d feel a little violated if he weren’t a cat. And well, the last one? That’s just downright weird. Not gonna lie, the hug was nice, but I mean, have you ever seen a cat sleep like that?!

Weird Places the Cat Likes to Sleep #1 |

Then there’s the times he’ll just throw himself over my knee and stick his head into the couch. Yeah, this has happened more than once. It’s like he just wants to shut everyone out. If he can’t get comfortable on your lap, he’ll just sit on the couch and just stick his head or paws on you. My foot appreciated this warmth, though it did tickle a little…

Weird Places the Cat Likes to Sleep #1 |

It’s actually always a sad moment when he gets up and decides he wants to sleep somewhere else. Owning a lovable cat is like having a portable radiator. Legs are always a little chilly once he’s moved! Really, there is nothing better than having a cat sit with you. They’re fluffy and they keep you warm, what more could you ask for?

Cat lover? Let me know if you actually do want to see more!


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