My Week #49 & #50

My Week – December 1st – December 7th.

& – December 8th – December 14th.

I realised yesterday that I hadn’t done the ‘My Week’ post last Sunday, so here’s the past week and the one before! I feel like I’ve been non-stop these past two weeks. Year 3 isn’t easy! I’ve also been really ill, bogged down with a horrible cough and cold.

This week:
Went home to put the Christmas tree up; it suddenly turned wintery; I spotted this jazzed up bike; won my course’s starling competition; received a knitted hat from my mum in the post; had lots of uni work to do.

Well my first deadline has passed, and now I’m focusing on getting my exhibition up and doing my feature writing assignment. Going to be so busy this week, but then it’s Christmas!! I go home next Sunday and I can’t wait!