My Week #33

My Week – August 11th- August 17th.

I’ve been very absent from social media (compared to usual!) this week as my four and a half year relationship ended, and I just found everything a little too much for me. Now I really don’t want sympathy – I’m still just trying not to think too much about it – I just figured that such a big change should be mentioned. It kind of feels like a huge part of me has disappeared. Nevertheless, life has to go on and I’ll get there eventually!

This week I:
Had a nice snuggle with Charlie (even if she chose to sit with me when I was trying to play sims on my laptop!); did stock take at work and gained orange hands; bought some new books.

I’ve done a lot of overtime this week, and have been in every day except Tuesday, so I’m definitely looking forward to pay day on Friday! Sadly, I really need to stop spending, so anything I buy will likely just be university necessities! Oh, I also printed off some diary pages which I designed a couple of weeks ago. They’re simple and I think I’m liking them!

What have you been up to this week?