Vintage Notes

I am sorting out my A5 Original, and I’ve decided to have a ‘Recipes’ section. In one of our kitchen drawers, we have my Grandma’s old recipe books, tucked safely into a plastic bag. Now these books are very well used. They’re falling apart, the paper is super aged, and some pages even have food bits and smudges on them! Tucked into various pages are random slips of paper. Little recipes, notes and information all in my Grandma’s lovely handwriting! They’re just so great to look through! The McDougalls recipe book is the 27th edition, and is from the 70s! I thought I’d take some photos…

And I also discovered these bird plates in the charity shop that I’ve just started volunteering at. For under a fiver for both, I couldn’t pass them up! They’re actually WWF ones, and from 1985/86!

I just love old stuff!